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Thursday, January 12, 2017

"Mastering Tatting" Twisting Picots

Finished this round I wet and blocked, colors are darker when wet.

I am excited about the colors and have enjoyed twisting these picots in the roses, more of this to come on next round too! I love this two picot method and think it would be great to place in other designs hope you enjoy the movie :)

I went to the beach last November and had a wonderful time with my sister in law and she taught me to pick up the imperfect shells and enjoy there beauty I spent most of childhood at the beach and discarded imperfect one, Thank you Debbie for the wonderful life lesson, I love you :)
Life is beautiful
have a wonderful day!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rose and Thistle and lovely Gifts From the Mail

My daughters friends Tiffany found this large shuttle at a rummage sale and knew I tat and collect shuttles.   Margaret sent me this beautiful hand panted one all the way from England, thank you both I am so glad you thought of me.
This is another doily form the mastering tatting book that most people own, I have really enjoyed mixing colors and am very excited about the finished look.

The flip side of the Queen Elizabeth's shuttle Thank You both and all of you bloggers for visiting my blog even though I have been not keeping up like I should.
hugs from Carollyn.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Frivolite, Holly Berry Brooch, Two Different Size Beads

Yesterday I made up another one with smaller beads so you can compare
Pattern on Previous post.
Compare Rocaille or Seed bead size one of 6 (larger) and other 12 (smaller) 

I even made a mistake in tatting and instead of a clover at one end I just did a double ring.  I figure in nature not everything is perfect.

I guess the big tip to remember is ... Don't make any ring with out sliding beads down :)
Also can attach holly to safety pin for faster results.
Or use matching color sewing thread, will sew through work quicker too! 

Makes a great tatting gift for the Holidays :)  

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Holly Brooch Pattern

I designed this last year, and had a request for pattern

the two leaves are  made with 2 shuttles and rings and chains are 4 double stitches

going up one side and down another instead of just making rings on each side and one thin chain you have double chain in middle for strength,  

I usually work with small thread but this, I feel looks better with size 8 pearl cotton and large seed beads , my post on December 2015 looks nice with smaller beads too if you want to check that out. 

I left long thread ends loose on the 3 rings or berries,  4 picots separated by 4,3,3,4 double stitches ,  I tied the set together with thread from berries and then attached first part of the pin with the red and then use a thread of green for the part that attaches up into the leaf. 

I will try to get someone to help me with the PDF of the pattern so it can be downloaded soon.,for now the picture will have to do.
Have a great week 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Josephine's Christmas Tree

I have been working on this pattern and still will create more of different sizes of trees, this is done is size 40 thread and I liked the little bird so much I changed it
a bit to look like a red cardinal.

I bought this beautiful golden thread and it is very tiny and looked perfect for tatting, but it shreds up
when pulling a ring or sliding the knots on a chain
so that just leaves knotting tiny seed beads and using this as garland. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pin-chick Picked Buttons again.

                                    I saw it and just had to make it. I am a button collector too :) 

There's  more, I added a small pocket from an old shirt sleave and with right sides sewn together.....

When turned, now you see the back side, and I started this doily from the book "Tatting Mastery" page 100 it is a one shuttle pattern, which I think is my favorite kind of tatting. But making mistakes and not thrilled with the thread
so I decided to stop. It just happen to fit under the pocket.

Adding a stiff card stock or plastic helps stop needle when sewing it on :) 

I made another page and sewed this tab so another page or two on.

I am not finished cause I am not sure if to make this a little first aid kit tatting take along book or needle book :)

Most Items are recycled and the cross-stitching was even bought at yard sell too :)
Check out the wonderful other pins from:
and last, and the one you can contact with easy detail for joining Pinchicks

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another little Angel

I have sewn these angles to a card stock paper,
of course I added some more beads.
I used the gold for a halo effect.
I was giving this pattern and was told it was a free pattern so here it is below

below is  a requests for information about to pictures 
The snow flake in the left hand corner is  really a motif from a book called" Tatted Artistry " ,
and the beaded work is a Gamayun and she is from Russian Folklore and from some writings I have read, she was worn on the crowns of princesses to protect and give wisdom etc. Some more information located here