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Saturday, November 30, 2013

December First Snowflake Challenge Come Join!

There is three 3 leaf clovers and three 4 leaf ones

size 20 thread from the "Let is Snow" book
I not thrilled with pictures in book and some of the directions, but a lot of patterns are cute.

Before the Snow Flakes Begin.....

Here is something I am working on, My son and husband said it is better this time around, so it is a work in progress.
It's a tiny framed Madonna
I'll be perfecting this and evening up the filigree frame,
and that a picture of me in black and white and one of my sons and a daughter kissing him years ago

Please don't forget to save your hands and stretch them out while doing all your handy work!
give them a good 60 seconds often!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We Celebrate our bountiful Harvest

We give thanks to our Lord like the Pilgrims did in 1621, now we call the fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving  Day.

The grapes I did a number of years ago, using two shuttles in purple and carrying the purple strings 4 cm or so, to the next clump of grapes. When done I used two shuttles in green and covered up the purple thread by adding green leaves randomly.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Something ElseTo Do With Those Motifs

Playing with son's markers, and ran out of thread with this tatted piece, so it goes in my art book.

Another pattern from public domain records, had real beauty to it. Had to make it twice they had center rings too big and it's really 3ds sep. by 3p instead of 4ds makes a big difference!

I will be adding this one to a crazy quilt block.
since it is a public domain and I changed the center ring and made a suggestion for picots on the flower part here the gold medallion revised directions! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Easy Peazy Lemon Squeezy :) (Collar)

I lost a lot of pictures that show I placed tatting on a pattern piece as a guide.  Tatting around the edge first. 
Then filling it in with random motifs.
Then it is easier to make second for other side.

Then the back

attach to a plain sweater
Then wear!
 Yes I am hiding behind the baby!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Snowflake Time!

Just thought the " Mille-Fleurs" by Joelle Paulson, with six flowers might work! I used regular Josephine knots because of the snowflake effect the flat larger petals show up more, but with color I would use her puffy petal.

This one is done form the "Let it Snow" book and she states it's from " Tatting Times".

The largest is form the Handy Hands patterns that are reprinted from the Public Domain records.  I added the Josephine Knots to chains here and there.  I have a demo on that on YouTube by Madtatter80 another AKA.   

I used to make quilting squares and got into it and found this stuff that you could copy a photo onto fabric and then use the fabric.  I was greatly disappointed after 2 years (unfinished) the picture had faded (hidden in a box) I really don't want it to fade anymore I want to find something to stop it. The hankie with his name and birth date is on there,it was his.
I thought "Crafty Cat Corner" might appreciate this picture.  I did this after getting the book "The art of Manipulating Fabric".  The snowflakes I just laid on there. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mistakes are Made

Here is small pile

practice with beads and split rings the green is one shuttle pulled loop by Russian authors last name Stepnaya, Kleymenova, Kurbatskaya, and Demidova 

I saw some cute dolls on flicker long ago and thought I would try to make some to using scraps too (sorry can't remember the name of the lady)

Last but not least I spent some time on saturday teaching a friend how to tat and she got it! and I was so happy! She allowed this photo to be taken and her last name is Boggs :)
I say that because in futureI sure we will be seeing pictures of her stuff!
Oh yea size 3 lizbeth works great for teaching!