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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Last Round of Corona by Ben Fikkert

I had to change the numbers with this 100 size thread, so it would reach, once that was settled. I got to start.
Hot pink is a quilting thread is only purchased for color and time reasons the lower pink is H H lizbeth, you can see the difference in thread size I hope :)   
This final round is going well I did have to make a couple or corrections with last round of motifs, I connected them wrong and makes a big difference when adding last chain and rings.
I should be done soon I am not half way round!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Picturing Corona, by Ben Flickert

Just having fun with the camera :)

Trying to give an idea of the size of this doily.

And keeping everyone from getting bored watching this doily grow, I pinned this to my curtain, I have 4 more therebetween to go, and then a final chain to encase the entire doily.
Don't have to water my flowers or basal,

we have plenty of rain storms that pass by with buckets of rain.  The "Black Eyed Susan's love it".

Sunday, July 19, 2015

"Corona" tatting, and Antiquing!

Half way around Yea!

I have a teenage son that plays "air soft" on the way to drop him off, I pass by this old church in  Sevierville, Tennessee USA.  I can only imagine this bell ringing in the valley, to call people to worship long ago.  

I went antiquing I had to have it, it is from  American Civil War time period ( 1861-1865 ) 

This frame is so intricate. It needs to be surrounded with tatting don't you think?  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ben Fikkert's Doily Details

I couldn't stand to wait and be as patience as fox, so I am completing as I go with this round, I just wanted to see what it is going to look like :)

The center motif is placed last, which is better shown on tat-ology 

After the pleasant non twisting chain :)

Below is a tatting doodle where I made this tiny heart with rings only and the size of the ring size makes the curving!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


There are three doilies here, the bottom is the unfinished  J.S. "Monster Doily" size 40 thread, and the pink is the Ben Fikkert' size 80, and the top is "klavertje vier" or Clover by Gun Blomqvist size 40 thread.

I am excited, but know Fox will finish before I do :).  Doily is on the back of a really big sketch book.Only 48 motifs to go! and then some edging and then we are done :)

Oh yea I didn't finish this one but will some day :) I am having fun watching others work on theirs :) 

I wonder which one with be bigger when they are both done and the thread size is smaller in the pink one.  I feel like I should make them into a shawls and wear it round town "all that work" ha ha ha!

And back when I did this one I thought it was huge and making 24 daisies was sooo hard to do.
this is one of many Daisy doily by Myrtle Hamliton (Queen of Daisy Doilies)

This is the Spring Doily by Renulek but you can hardly see it! I can't find my  "Under the African Sky" by Jane McLellan doily, and a couple others wonderful ones, but I had fun wondering how many knots tied and how crazy I must be. Have a great day!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

More with Ben Fikkert's Doily! And this years Humming birds!

I am happy with this and nearing the final round with size 80 thread it is very large and like holding a spiders web!

 found this when I was cleaning up, it was the center of doily, I never use these colors but wonder, if any of you, use markers for tatting color choices?
 Well this was taken today on the four of July it is rainy, and from inside house took these pictures!

I may need to take a brake and make Jane's humming bird motif  go to left side of her blog and check out free patterns!
Thank you Jane for all the wonderful patterns given through the years! 

Happy 4th of July

Three shuttles,  red, white, and blue!

Last years strawberry