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Saturday, July 4, 2015

More with Ben Fikkert's Doily! And this years Humming birds!

I am happy with this and nearing the final round with size 80 thread it is very large and like holding a spiders web!

 found this when I was cleaning up, it was the center of doily, I never use these colors but wonder, if any of you, use markers for tatting color choices?
 Well this was taken today on the four of July it is rainy, and from inside house took these pictures!

I may need to take a brake and make Jane's humming bird motif  go to left side of her blog and check out free patterns!
Thank you Jane for all the wonderful patterns given through the years! 


  1. Oh...your doily is so beautiful!!! :)

  2. Your doily looks just as much fun as playing with markers :-)
    Yes, I use markers ... not to start something, but more to compare & decide on placement of colours for the next round. Did that for the Spring Doily last year & again for the Mystery Doily this year.
    In fact just y'day, I bought myself a 50-marker pack from Faber-Castle ;-P

    Your humming bird pics are Great ! What a lovely passtime - watching them feed, hum around, ....

  3. Glad to hear that :) it is fun to help imagination (the markers)
    I do love those little birds and they are a summertime treat with no calories :)

  4. Wow, the doily is looking amazing! Very special to be able to watch the hummingbirds.

  5. This doily is just wonderful ! <3 <3 <3

  6. Your doily is looking amazing, waiting to see how it looks when you finish it.

  7. Carolyn, this is spectacular! Love the colours.

    No, I don't use markers- I just look at what I've got and plan from there. Same with purchasing more. I look at the samples and look at my stash and decide. Unless it is for something very specific.


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