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Friday, January 31, 2014

February's Frivolite flower!

The African Violet
I know I need a manicure, But isn't this a pretty one!
Love this color because it is gently variegated 

I tried to remember the color of African violet that my mother used to grow.
This is Lizabeth size 80 #177 called Elderberry Jam
with size 11/0 of Czech yellow beads.

The pattern is simple, and starts with 3 beads on the back of ring thread, ring of  2 double stitches slide 3 beads and 2 ds. and close ring.
 Then the petals start with ring of 5 ds. separated by 3 picots close ring.
Then a chain of 6 ds. connect to picot of ring and 6 ds. continue all way round ring, connect to complete petal. Chain 3 and start next petal  go all way round beads till you have 5 petals. (If look close I made a mistake but left it and continued on)

Can't let you go with out a quick picture of the thread I won from Handy Hands I am very grateful to win all this thread I have never won any thing so valuable can't wait to show you all what it becomes!
the one I named it on top!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Homemade Hearts

This is a baby pink with tiny purple glass beads
Same Heart different colors ans size 50 thread

This one measures smaller at 6 cm.
don't know what will become of this one.
Last post's heart made this into pin cushion as well, and an old flower with no place to go, I had with a new bee made up  and this makes 3 pin cushions.
Unchained Heart and Bee locations are on previous post. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Frivolite Heart Pincushion

Adding pearls to  a pattern was lots of fun this white size 20 thread!

pattern is done with size 20 thread and measures 8 X 8 cm at widest part 
making ring thrown off of split ring!

pattern by Teri Dusenbury and called and found UNCHAINED HEART
I added 35 beads to each shuttle and placed them at exposed picots!

 Sorry for mix up!  Well I can not get the pictures separated but thought I would add that it snowed today! we have had the bitter cold but somehow avoided the snow
we finally got some! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Bee Mine, Tatting for Valentines

After seeing  this adorable bee on UMI &TSURU  Blog the bee is found here Martha Ess Bee I thought to would be great to go with the Valentines I was making.  
This is actually a pin cushion for the wrist!
the thread used are all size 20

After cutting out felt heart with room for sewing; words, tatted heart, bee, and stitching together.
I cut the felt for the back and a cardboard so pins don't pass through and hurt your wrist.
Sew elastic to back through cardboard that is lightly glued on.

Now front and back ready!
pattern for my heart can be found here

Sew together can use any kind of stitch and leave opening to stuff.

Finish Sewing together and you are done, I really love the one I made one for my self back in high school and still use it to this day, It looks nothing like this but so handy to have. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Carved Eagle Claw Necklace

 This is a necklace my husband Richard made, several years ago. He always wanted an Eagle Claw Necklace, but with the Laws governing Birds of Prey, he could not get one. He saw an artist at a knife show who made things from a tropical nut that looked like ivory and claws when he was done. They are called Tagua Palm Nuts and come from the Tropical regions of Central and South America. The Artist didn't give him any information about how to color it, so it took a lot of trial and error to get the results he wanted. This was before we had the internet to look for such information. Isn't it great to have access to people from all over the world willing to share art skills? Richard used a dye made from India Ink and alcohol to help it penetrate the dense nut. He had to dye them several times to achieve the desired color, then he baked it to harden it back. Some of the nuts have a hollow spot in the center while others are solid all the way through.
Necklace with Carved Eagle Claw by Husband
Side view showing Nut Spacers and Pipes made from Bone and Buffalo Horn. The accent beads are antiqued brass.
Closer view shows better detail of the claw. 
This shows the base of the claw and one of the spacers both made from the nut. The white pipes are cow bone and the black pipes are out of Buffalo Horn.
A Tagua Nut and a wedge of the nut dyed dark.
This shows how the dye was accepted in the nut grain.

This shows you the size of the nut. This is an average sized one. Since they are natural they vary greatly, some being larger or somewhat flat.

You can see how the dye shows the grain.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rustic Weaving with Beads and Fibers

I did this a while ago, it was relaxing and fun. I wish I had taken pictures along the way, of how this Native American looking piece was made. This book has great instructions. I'll describe some below.
You plan out your design on paper, and tape to a board. First placing strung beads on the paper and board by pinning them down like a loom, at top and bottom. Then pin more strings going up and down.   Using large crochet thread and big tapestry needle, you  just have fun weaving and to get this rustic look you don't have to be perfect!
I have tatting to come, but thought you might see other projects I've done.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Snowdrop's Book Cover

This is basically, the end result.

Find your book you want to cover turn both top and bottom edge of fabric make sure it's
about 3 inches or 8 cm 

Slide those two edges in one side and then the other, adjust till fitted.

Make sure book closes with cover!
This is how I was taught to cover all school books, just doing this with fabric now!

Remove a press with iron, do not finish edge till motif is sewn down

mark with watercolor pencil
the flower was sewn down, then the tatting with ribbon.
I stitched with french knots in white, to show off white in flower.

Will stitch edge on sides making this a removable cover
Now that the stitching is done, I just turned only the edge that shows when opening the book, not the other edges that are torn I want them to lie flat, so they are not visible underneath fabric on top of book.

Stitch this together for that perfect fit and your done.
cover can be removed and placed back on by bending one book cover backwards a little bit.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sketch Book Cover! Changing My Mind :)

Well first you have to make a decision.
I thought the last post was the final fabric choice
Yes the threads in ecru are bigger but it still works out.

But this brown took presidents.
Will be carefully using the green and white in focal point though out, in small amounts to bring it together. 
Don't worry there are other options for the poor little green one.
Maybe a home for next's months flower!
If you needed to see the pattern it is here scroll down to Quadro

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stitching Down of Final Snowdrop

The long stem was made to be sewn down,
I like the sound of the needle piercing the fabric it's like a drum beat. 

I never hid and finished off the ends I kept them long, to sew it down with itself.
Above is the green thread used in the tatting and below is white, from the petals

Had stem too long, so I just bunched it up at the bottom of flower and stitched it down.

Cut out card stock then glue up over half, and stuff with cotton, then glue the rest of way!

I made up a pretty frame I saw here on filorumars blogspot
under the "Quarto" with directions.
You will notice Jon helped freshen the old pattern. 
She made up a large one but the curve works for this too.
There is more to come so stay tuned! 

Snowdrop With Tatted Lace

The Snowdrop is looking more like a Snowdrop,
size 80  thread.

Has Three petals and makes a natural little arch
The inside has delicate three beads
I plan on stitching this down too!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Artist Trading Cards

I just found out about these things, not very long ago They are called ATC cards
They are very small and this one is for a birthday swap

It is a great way to practice your skills and have fun!

I like this because you can be yourself, putting things on it you like!

As long as you keep them 3 and 1/2, by 2 and 1/2 inch your good to go!
 (total edge to edge).

Here is a link so you can view some others in the textile world
 Textile Trading Cards