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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Just One Picture of Tatting

Every one seemed to be very curious of how the hearts would be added on so even though I only added two I thought I would let you see how they are connected to the rest of the doily.
I also like this spool of thread for sewing/quilting
and color was in keeping with
the pastels.
looks to measure up with size 80
Have great day and tat to you later :)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tatting Lace Update

Nine hearts finished to start the last row of this doily.

It is very hot outside and the humming bird food needs to be replaced more often and bug problem needs to be addressed with dish-washing soap in spray bottle etc, but I mange to tat and noticed a mistake in this last one so now i got to fix this too, sometimes I only find my mistakes when I take a picture of them.

well  I realized I may not have shown you my finished fancy collar and was able to wear to church Sunday.  

Have a great week keep tatting :)

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Big Eyed Dolls, with Tiny Tatted Lace

I have had this idea for over a year just need some time to focus.

This is her lovely shawl, she is using cause my air conditioner is to cold she said.
I just bought this from Szoszonka at Etsy.

This dress is made from one of my daughters old shirts and first pattern was scraped  and this one works.
Just needs to have some matching trim.

She got three colors of knitted shawls loves this pattern.
she wanted the Victorian red, but I stuck with the light grey and some beads.
We'll keep you posted on this designer out fit cause there is lots more tatting to make.
Have a wonderful week!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Tatting Lace With Just Pastel Colors

Can you guess the book this one came from?

The center.

it will take 9 of these 

Interesting tip to remember about a picot gauge. 

With a ring, the gauge sits above the core of the ring.

With chains, the gauge sits below the core thread.
Well I was hurrying a bit and didn't un-spin my shuttle before making picot so some got a little twist
but I am going with the natural look ha ha ha  :)

from the book
"Mastering tatting, by Lindsay Rodgers"

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

4th of July With Occhi and a big Question, Do Dogs Lay eggs?

I have not been posting much, having a very full summer,

Had to re-tat a necklace for granddaughter You know the one with Elsa :)

Just a happy grandson

The big summertime question..... do dogs lay eggs?  

this was re-tatted at night will children were sleeping the old one was well worn so cut off the cool aid stained tatting and saved the beads and "went to town" as they say, and tatting madly.

This chain was easy and quick to do just one half of double stitch around a core threads and added a bead every ten stitches and away we go.
hope you all are keeping busy and having a wonderfully summer.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Town of Farragut Artist of the Month

                  I got to place lots of tatted lace in the town halls display case.
There was three sections to one very large cabinet, the sequence is from left to right. 

Most items you have seen on this blog. 

My eldest daughter arranged the cases, and at first I thought we thought I may not have enough tatting to fill the spaces but we actually had to take some back home would you believe. These pictures were taken from my phone and hopefully they will post fine I will be going back next week to take some  pictures with camera 
these are from my phone.