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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pinterest Pinchick Pick

I got the idea from Pinterest, and this is the second style of purse in my collection of three.
Call the "Half Moon Bag"

Here it is in use, she just got back from town buying flowers !

I sorry this is taking a while to post and have patterns almost ready but had to take family time and has delayed this.

I actually have another pick below that still need some work or refining my skills with  Resin :(

I found after several failed attempts, that mixing drops together and applying with tooth pick on one side of dried leaf setting on parchment paper was the best way to do this :)  

I had limited leafs because I thought of this after fall and had very little leaves to choose from :(
I was to ashamed to show the 4 other failed attempts. 

I did not create this beauty my friend Tiffany did and if you click on her name you will find her ETSY shop called Copperspindels  she just opened  this is just on of her beautiful items some day I really will do this too :)
 have a great week and blog you later
hugs from Carollyn


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Designer Miniature Purse, with tatting

I have been working on patterns for a set of three purses. 
This with a set of keys  found a new home, the others will be part of Pinterest Pinchicks Pick at the end of month, hopfully

Jane's TAIS below, it got interesting I think it is a .......

This was fun to figure out because I never flip my chain stitch,(so making this Z chain was  odd for me) my lock joins are never pretty I just except that :( 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Rose and Thistle Last Round

Last round, I wanted to use all the colors in the doily. so I had to use 3 shuttles:)
I felt like I was making bobbin lace, ha ha ha (I don't know how they keep track of all those bobbins).

ahhh amongst the perfume bottles :)

Yes I will fray the ends and will use the pin method that muskaan speaks of on her blog :)

Thursday, January 12, 2017

"Mastering Tatting" Twisting Picots

Finished this round I wet and blocked, colors are darker when wet.

I am excited about the colors and have enjoyed twisting these picots in the roses, more of this to come on next round too! I love this two picot method and think it would be great to place in other designs hope you enjoy the movie :)

I went to the beach last November and had a wonderful time with my sister in law and she taught me to pick up the imperfect shells and enjoy there beauty I spent most of childhood at the beach and discarded imperfect one, Thank you Debbie for the wonderful life lesson, I love you :)
Life is beautiful
have a wonderful day!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rose and Thistle and lovely Gifts From the Mail

My daughters friends Tiffany found this large shuttle at a rummage sale and knew I tat and collect shuttles.   Margaret sent me this beautiful hand panted one all the way from England, thank you both I am so glad you thought of me.
This is another doily form the mastering tatting book that most people own, I have really enjoyed mixing colors and am very excited about the finished look.

The flip side of the Queen Elizabeth's shuttle Thank You both and all of you bloggers for visiting my blog even though I have been not keeping up like I should.
hugs from Carollyn.