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Friday, July 27, 2018

Pullip Doll, Pick Me Up!

Well been busy, had a wonderful time with grandchildren and even managed to make more roses!
I managed to make a set of three leaves with each bouquet 

She had been forgotten and this brightened her day!

I will make other colors of roses 

And I am working on a pattern for the roses and leaf and stem just trying to perfect them and the more I make the better I can explain them.
Have a wonderful day!  Remember, flowers make everything better!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Roses are Victorian Red Occhi

Another Tatting Corners Tatting Days Class was making these lovely roses.

She (Carolyn Craig) had a way of making the onion rings I thought was very different, many times I drifted off to think of Muskaan's tips on this subject. 

I kept the ends (where the class was to have little bunches without stems) and encapsulated (with the wrap around half double stitch) them to make a stem with out wire! it really works too!
I really enjoyed this class and am in process of making more!
This woman was very old and I saw her first when getting out of my car, to set up my bunnies shuttle table.
I was very happy and impressed as I saw her hat that was Jan's design and as even more blown away, as I realized the very beautiful Items she has created, and books too.
She seemed to be very keeping with the times with tatting arts, design.  So glad to have met her!
Have a great day every one!  

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Decorated Tatted Lace Orniment From Tatting Lace Class

This is the twisted heart decoration, by Patricia L Cobb, I did not finish this one it was last class of the day and I kept spilling my beads everywhere (three times) and decide to just pick them up instead of tatting,
Patricia  was unable to teach and another wonderful lady took her place
I wish I could remember her name.
I did finish today and was explained how to in class along with watching everyone else.  I was totally exhausted and that was fine talking.  I was supposed to make 2 twists but forgot this today at home.

They handed out nice dental floss threaders which is better than this but I still did not purchase them yet so had to revert to old ways :)

It was fun and this is the first part, the bottom is sort of same as top just that long strands of beading work is over.

Well this is how I did the bottom just needed to do two twists but I like it anyway!
Have a wonderful day again!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Diane's Snowflake on a Snowball Plant

Yes! I got a lesson from someone I have been wanting to meet for a  long time!
And yes! She is as nice as you would think!

I think my color matched perfectly to this late blooming snowball plant.
If you hadn't been to her page for the pattern 
here is the link below 

It is true she really exist and she signed my pattern.  This was one very happy day!

 Side note, the night before the tatting conference I was able to teach a family member how to tat and she really liked it!

She was air tatting (like Air guitar) as went we went to the car. I was so happy I was able to get to rings.
More wonderful pictures to come in upcoming week!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Too Much Fun Tatting with friends ;) at Tatting Cornors Tat Days!

I really had lots of fun and loved tatting with everyone (sorry I am too chatty) I have never been with so many tatters in one place it was great.  I have lots of pictures but having problem placing my pictures on my blog and this is the only one so far.  This one was to practice playing with picots and split rings and split chains it is a lovely heart that was created by Kaye B. Judt she was another excellent teacher and wonderful person!
I am working on many more pictures, so more to come
have a fantastic day tatting away!