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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tatted Pineapples Began With The Crocheted Ones In 1976!

This very pretty design was created by Maude B. Cunningham, she writes,

Probably most crocheters are familiar with this design, which is used in a great many ways, and perhaps you will be interested to know how it came to be translated into tatting.  Last summer my mother crochet five different "themes" in pineapples; I admired and envied, but was not proficient enough with the crochet-hook to copy, and had not time for the necessary practice.  She asked me why I did not tat one.  I answered that nobody ever tatted anything like that... "Well she smiled, "make something different; take this pineapple, crocheted for a sachet or needle book-cover, and translate it into tatting."... we who are especially interested in shuttle work may be able to broaden the field of tatting in this wonderfully in this way, since there are so many crochet designs that can be tatted.

This is Mermaid Lagoon  by lizbeth  and a yellow I enjoyed this making this one, it took a shuttle full of eatch!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tatted Lace Doily Update

It has been slow going, and now I will be on my last round of the vintage doily pictured in background above. 

I will be making the last round with single flower motifs and this will take a while to tie off and hide the threads on each separate daisy
along with that, I am out of size 40 white  :(  so now got to order it.
I was trying out another vintage pattern, it was simple and can play with colors as well.

One thing that I hate is that it seems to take forever to find the pattern that corresponds with the picture.
Then I got to go back and forth to check on my progress.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Amazing True Tatting Story

One day last week (or there about) I was blogging like normal, one of my sights I visit is Westpine Creations. I enjoy looking at many pieces they make, and saw one that looks like a ring I have.  Well to make a long story short this is the end result, we made a trade!

I had some one else take the pictures, so hope fully you can see this necklace is better than expected!

She made a matching necklace to the pendent, because I don't like metal against my neck area, It breaks me out.

The talent here is incredible and viewing her pictures is nice, but doesn't show what fine thread this is really made with.  I feel sorry for people that cannot see it in person.
I have tried this metallic thread and did not like the way the slide did not cooperate, so I never tried it again.
West pine gets 5 gold stars from me!

This ring is made with what they call Rose Gold and this matched so well with the copper metallic thread :)
hopefully she will enjoy the shuttles I sent her but I feel I got the better deal!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Little Bird Told Me, Lace Frames Again

As you can see this time I needed special thread for this one!
only "parakeet" will do from Marilee

I like my little border and to remind you all it is done with all sets of 3 double stitches and Josephine knot of 8 half stitches.

It's like a small handkerchief so it goes by fast! My needle work needs work, and I really should not do this in dimly lit room:) I will high light the print more in day light :)

My daughter lives next door and they fly into her garage and get disoriented, it is very odd this happens several times, and we got to look really close at the tiny dear thing, before letting it go was taken with camera phone before I got my good camera. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Doily 9th Row

I finished the 9th round of  Renulek's doily!

In one place I lived, I had to plant honeysuckle plants, and here (east Tennessee) they grow without asking!

This is what that flower brings, I love summer!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

June's Little Roses

 I decided to go with a wonderful pattern from a lace lover she does bobbin lace and tatting and gives directions for this full rose on her blog, you can find by clicking on "a lace lover". 
I cheated a bit, because I was too excited and skipped a couple rings so it would go faster.

 I saw this idea of using the shear ribbon as a vase somewhere on the internet.  The ribbon is pictured a further down on post, it was on a gift that I saved.

After cutting the vase shape and using "Frey Check", I knew how long to make the stems.

Once you have the stems, you place them in the vase.
I recommend leaving your flowers with longer threads so you can sew the whole flower down!  I satin stitched the vase down on edges.

Now I had to find the right type of border so it all fit in the ATC Card size of  6.35 cm by 8.89cm  or 2.5 by 3.5 inches
I went with a pretty light brown lizbeth size 40 color number 698 and white. The rings were 3 double stitches separated by 3 picotss.  And chains of 3ds, Josephine knot of 8 half stitches and chain 3ds start again.
Yes this is a needle book too :)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tatting and Applactions

Another ATC card.  The framed owl is just tatting fun.

I love frames, and found a cute print that fits in this adorable frame by Aux Navettes in her book La Frivolite
when you use size 40 thread it is the perfect standard size of 3,1/2 by 2,1/2 for card.

I did add snap and a little rose to cover mistake in tatting ooops!

My little granddaughter had a birthday party by the pool she loves the old movie "Little Mermaid" the gram-cracker ground up made perfect sand for the white chocolate sea shells tops on cup cakes.  The clam shell cookies with candy pearls, in the homemade butter-cream frosting Yum!.  The cool starfish Watermelon was refreshing too!
All made by my daughter Connie everyone had wonderful time!

When we went shopping, I had to take a picture of some great crochet handwork, for a wheel cover on a jeep
WOW goes with my motto  "if you don't wear it, no one will know you made it" ha ha ha 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tatting On The Way to Texas

This was a fun pattern, but no mention in her book about how many cluny stitches!
Tatted Butterflies by Adeleid

With out pressing out or adding stiffener to the butterfly, my daughter wrapped floral wire to connect to hair clip and put this in my granddaughter's  hair.

This little model was hard to keep still at the photo shoot :)

I am wanting to tat lots of butterflies this summer after visiting  

This is a field of  winter wheat that was ready to be harvested, which they did on the 4th of June. a new crop will be planted and harvested in the fall.  These two dogs are my grand-dogs, and they were just supposed to stand beside the field not step in :)  (they are very big Akita). They watch over the grand children when I am not there ha ha ha!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Tatted Lace Needle Case

My little frame fits the ATC card measurements!

Wanted to make a card with a purpose.

Stitched this book shape with felt to back side.

Add some needles to make a beautiful gift with my favorite tools.

This little doll was printed on fabric and  I used stitch "whitchery" to fuse it down, and sew to tiny square green fabric. 

I used some stiffener on the lace part to support.
I will be making more of these, I really enjoyed making this!