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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cluny dragon fly bookmark, Plus New Lace Book

Well made this a bit ago with size 40 thread, and just white school glue it and it is ready to be sent to Pammy Sue who made me the crochet doily.
I added a ribbon to bottom below   

            Peaking out below new book is progress on doily  

Got my book from Ben Fikkert and looks like I am filling up my tatting dance card for 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

Cluny - Leaves - Tally - Point d'esprit [Lace]

Now it's bath time! I finished it! 
the little iris is from Margaret 
This is size 80 and just some free style (playing) tatting going no where :)

More playing with color and the leaves bend can be manipulated

 The leaves need support and proper tension and of course another round would help. I was trying to copy something I saw on that super cool web-sight " Best Clunies Ever," Hats off to this sight :)
click on the above Best Clunies Ever, and make sure your sitting down!

Discovering how to hide the changing colors mmmm.

I just like this picture

Friday, January 23, 2015


Well got new  thread, and that gives me a sigh of relief.  But not sure if I like the thread count for the top ring of the clover cause if you look at part of the picture of the real doily his top ring look way bigger so I think I am going to cut this out and start over. I think I will change it to 8 or 9 ds on each side of the top picot. I need to double check what other said on
Intatters. Just checked and it is 9!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tatting Lace

Trying to keep up I did love this last round!

Sometimes the little Blackbeary gets neglected so I thought she could model the size :) she weighs 6 lbs.
But I think she would rather go on a walk.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Cluny Lace Practice!

Oh look what I found unfinished! Soap in a pretty wash rag pattern! 

I use pearl thread that is size 10 DMC, a bit hard on hands for me,but almost done.

I don't normal use this size thread, but to make a wash rag it is better size! It warmed up today :) 50 degrees F.

If you really want to practice cluny tatting this is the pattern for you!  :) found here I know most of you have seen my you tube, but if interested here is a link movie direction here
And forgive at time I did not know how to enunciate it.   

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Storing Large Doilies and My Contest Winnings :)

 I seek out beautiful things with all kinds of fiber arts, and at "Scotty's Place " (She crochets) I won her give away! When you click on her sight scroll down to see the video of the drawing, her dog makes you laugh!

I even got a bonus coaster would you believe I needed this and put it to use!

I even had plans for this baby! Thank You Pammy Sue! Hugs from Carollyn!

To show off my phone I had as a little girl. You would not believe how many people don't know how to dial, this means I am old huh :)
If you need to store a large doily and a box is not big enough, purchase acid free tissue paper and rinse doily in distilled water and dry flat then....

find a spent wrapping paper tube cut to size or not (can store several doilies this way) and place doily inside! Folding a large piece is not recommended the creases over time will hurt threads. 

date or sign and can place dry crystals and seal up. This is a wonderful method for all kinds of fabric and keepsakes.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tatted Lace

The Changing Hearts!
I was visiting Land of Laces that invites anyone to add a heart pattern, I sometimes have a hard time understanding the translator and so I think she wants you to change her heart pattern around, but not sure.

So this is her pattern if you click on her blog and the heart on her blog above, and I added pearls to the edge. 

This time I added all picots to her heart pattern. I think this was her challenge let me know what you think, when you go to her blog?
It is so interesting how color and picots and beads change things around.

So I added the 8 clover motifs, and so I won't get confused, I marked the right side (with ribbon) as to connect to doily properly, along with rewriting my directions as not to get mixed up with the 2 others!

One other tip I  learned, is to make the motif as much as I can, so I don't have to hold the entire doily while I work .

To show How quickly this grows in size 40 I laid it on top of the Daisy doily for fun!
FYI, I started the TIAS but don't have the picture ready yet :(

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Daisy Doily In Tatting

Yea! it is completed all 26 daisy's  I also found out something very special that helped me complete this.
The woman who designed this was Myrtle Hamilton, born in 1899 and designed many different patterns and was loved by many for keeping tatting alive along with many other fiber skills.

to find out more on this dear woman click Here Ambitatterous Blog has a wonderful write up and pictures.
I made a PDF of pattern 
                                             Here is the link to the Daisy PDF.

This is the Monster Doily and I have just started the next round! I have several tips and like fox said I have to write out each round separately, And pay close attention to picot count, most are incorrect if there is not number beside them! Diane also mentioned that there are 3 different #counts
for different styles and that can add to confusion too.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tying Up Loose Ends

Well after I started the Monster doily, I started feeling guilt, I never finished (several tatted items) what I started for my daughter so I found it and then I remembered why.........
After making the tiny black motifs (26 of them) and finish the ends off, I had to make 26 flowers :(  and made first 4 in wrong color and a couple with 7 petals in stead of 8

This is how center of daisy looks at first, cut ends long for dramatic effect.
I really didn't mind the spokes, that part was fun! I think I will post the pattern, not sure if any one is interested.  Let me know.
It is those last two rounds that is annoying :( 

But it is kinda cute and only a million to go ha ha and it is final round looks to be measuring in at 32 cm. or 12 and 1/2 inches size 40 thread. The chains hurt after a while so  I break it up with.....
this !  I am going a lot faster but had a time with remembering the numbers and so there are a couple of mistakes in back ;)  that I am not worried about cause the outer chain is right. Next round looks like a breeze! 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tatted Lace in the New Year!

I was working on another frame and just finished it for new years.

This Pattern is from the Handy Hands News letter Volume 16 Issue 1 winter 2008
these little booklets can be ordered separately from them, or find on free vintage patterns somewhere. The silk print I purchased off of e-bay to place in a baby cloth book.

I am using Lizbeth thread 40, and as always I make mistakes, and here is a picture of  opening a ring that was closed. You separate between picots and then pull the ring thread out at that point, not at the bottom of the ring where it was closed. Then when have plenty of thread slide the double stitches open at bottom (picture is of the sliding of the thread  to original opening) then you have it to where you can fix it, this works most of the time, but some threads are too weak, or not enough sheen to slide. 

And just started the Monster Doily from the Polish Magazine "Robotki"  I did a split ring to climb out of the first round so I don't have to hide threads, I figure this will take the year!
My son went to a dress up party for New Years Eve at sisters work, and it was for the "Roaring 20's", so this picture we took last night, and this morning we turned it into black and white.  It looks like my grandparents huh :)  or one of my favorite shows "Downton Abby"and I made his spats he loved them, they had fun!
Happy new year to all!