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Monday, September 23, 2013

Mignonette Tatting

I need something to put my stuff in!  "This girl's got to have another purse!"
I love the look of netting, and it's fun to add to a motif with picots on the edge!  like below picture, I strengthened the netting, by an edge with rings and chains. 
Then you make two alike!
The fun part is connecting them together at the picots.
                                                                                                                                                                                           With more rings and chains leaving an opening, finally tat around the top!

                                                                                                                                                                                                    I always like to add a silky cord, because a tatted one will fray and break down the cotton tatting! 
The silky cords also slide through for easy opening and closing. 
Also if made with polyester all cords and ribbons can be burned to prevent fraying.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I am blessed with the announcement of two more grand babies

Both daughter in law and daughter
February and April 
will find out gender soon!
So gonna do some tatting for babies, start with girl socks!
So baby socks to start with!

 I have a few tips for adding lace to any sock back in the 80's I did this to my own!
take the sock and give it a stretch and measure the times 2 
If you do not, will not go around your foot! most important!

 Just side note beads were put on as I tatted not on shuttle!
Find a cup or jar that closely measures (falling under length little bit) make your lace and connect it.
Then sew it on sock! hide thread in the knitted part.  
Don't worry got a cool Idea for tatting for a little boy! coming soon!
 Oh yes so you all are not worried Diane sent the thread and it done and fits on a bag I love it!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

well I tryed !

Well  I tryed to make leaf top for pinapple but not happy with this.
Can't get consistince with the leaves so may go back to original
I will think on it and move on to other tatting projects for now!
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

I don't know anymore, my dreams are all tied in knots! Bad Knots!

I saw pineapples and thought wow what a good idea! I visited West Pine Creations where she completed Cornelia (beautifully I might add)   and still saw my pineapples! 
 Then I receive thread in the mail, Size 80, What was I thinking, I only do that If I know what I am doing a time tested pattern tried and true! Throwing caution to the wind, who cares, I go so fast any way! Besides, I want to see the Pineapples now! I had one other hurtle. I seemed to notice and confirm with W.P.C.  that the instructions have flaws, three major ones and that includes the starting point. So I fixed that and ran with it!
Well family said it doesn't look like a pineapple! What!  Heart is broken, and with sadness I might give up. Unless you all think, if I did the green rings under the ball in yellow that would resemble a pine apple,I just may try it again. Oh yes, and not make any mistakes (or fix them)in the pattern so it looks like the picture. I did just fly with that perfect quilter thread and too much excitement too.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sunflower Practice

Well have  I got a story for you ...I ran out help! Lace Lovin Librarian was so kind and sent little samples of thread out, and I judged wrong!   I don't know where you all are buying this perfect quilter thread from :)
I was trying another pattern from the book posted earlier, called "Frivolite" and even with translation I didn't understand the directions, so the translation was not working figured it out mostly.  Didn't like the center thought it was too big for all the delicate work so I just cut it out and put this center in (which I will change for a better one later) instead.
I also was concentrating on the little green rings I forgot to attach them to the yellow petals.
Love this thread it really is easy to over tat with. The  pattern I will do this again, I have seen it in other places besides this book.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tatted Envelope Purse Cell Phone That's "Shabby and Chic"

First find your pendent!
Then add tatting to pendent.
Find the bluejeans to cut a rectangular shape (my son grew out of)
cut a 13,1/2 "X 7,7/8" or 20 cm X 30.5cm
use or make motifs that will look good when folded up.
Fold up and cut envelope shaped flap.

Now draw a boarder of 3/8" or 1 cm all around in ink and snip every 1/2 inch or 1.2 cm
as shown below. 

Now cut the chic fabric and a great surprise same size.  then wash and dry only the blue jean fabric to fluff the ends.

Add tatting, stitch down your motifs that go on top, to washed and dried jean fabric 

On this type of work, always keep thread on top of fabric, so knots do not form underneath.
This will be cover by the  linning!

Stitch down lining after turning under I use frey-check product for this fabric on the edges. Then I stitch down the tatted pendent.  

adding zipper is optional 

This is how to stitch zipper down if wanted.

Tuck the zipper tails inside and stitch down the two edges up to the flap, leave space to place leather strap
this can be any kind like chain or beads.  I use a leather boot lace.

I slide this in with out the knot and tie know after I stitched up the side.
Just a straight stitch in brown tatting thread.

You can see the see how the strap is tucked beside the zipper and side seam.
Can add a pull tie to zipper!

Oh yes, almost forgot I felt I needed a little extra something to the tatting so I add two wonderful Orchids from Margaret Davis her blog is "Margaret's Designer Cards"  she emailed me the pattern and I made 3 one is on chic inside too!

 I love how tatting looks against the blue jean color, and had lots of fun with this I made a smaller purse 2 years ago and then the cell phones got bigger so I removed my tatting, and sewn it on the new larger purse. My previous purse had no zipper It did fine from the weight from the heavy pendent helped keep it closed. I love the soldier style strap to keep purse in front of me and its great for walking and shopping some times I just drop this in a larger bag depends on what I do for the day.