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Saturday, September 21, 2013

I am blessed with the announcement of two more grand babies

Both daughter in law and daughter
February and April 
will find out gender soon!
So gonna do some tatting for babies, start with girl socks!
So baby socks to start with!

 I have a few tips for adding lace to any sock back in the 80's I did this to my own!
take the sock and give it a stretch and measure the times 2 
If you do not, will not go around your foot! most important!

 Just side note beads were put on as I tatted not on shuttle!
Find a cup or jar that closely measures (falling under length little bit) make your lace and connect it.
Then sew it on sock! hide thread in the knitted part.  
Don't worry got a cool Idea for tatting for a little boy! coming soon!
 Oh yes so you all are not worried Diane sent the thread and it done and fits on a bag I love it!


  1. Those socks are JUST DARLING!!! I just LOVE them!!

  2. OOOh, congratulations!!! I am very happy for you.
    The sox are perfect: , ideal, cute, pink, I wish they were mine.

    The sunflower is majestic,... well done!

    PS: don't forget the pineapple, it will be a first in the world of tatting.

  3. Your sweet and I will do the pineapple, I have family visiting next weekend. I have an old project that I am going to post and then do the pine apple! I think!

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  5. Congratulations! February and April will give you plenty of time to tat baby goodies. I love adding tatting to baby socks... haven't done it for a while, but Christmas is coming, so maybe now is the time!

    I'm glad the thread arrived safely, otherwise that pretty little sunflower would be incomplete.

  6. deliziose le calzine con il chiacchierino

  7. Congratulations on becoming a grand mother early next year, I look forward to hearing your news when it happens.
    Those socks are going to be very pretty and I am sure they will love them.
    Lovely bag.

  8. Congratulations! I love the socks, too, they are beautiful and will be so special for your new grandbabies!

  9. Thank you all looks like I got 3 more pare to do the socks come in packs :)

  10. So exciting to have grandchildren on the way, congratulations! I love the socks - adorable!!

  11. In the first picture it looks as though you have tatted a length of the lace and are going to cut the right amount? - how do you do that?
    It's so pretty, and I am dying to see the boy lace.

  12. Oh I see what you mean, I measured the sock tatted it at 8 inches before picture was taken. I even connected it together.
    If you had some tatting (and don't know how to tat) that needed to be cut, you could try one of two things. A sewing machine and zigzag(with stitches close together on machine)with a piece of interfacing behind the tatting, Sew straight down and carefully cut the facing close to zigzag. the other would be whip stitch all cut ends. If you tat a lot, I would cut the tatting a little longer than the measurement and untie it to where I could retie it at right measurement.

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  15. I'm about to post a blog nominating you for the Liebster award. Click on over in an hour or so and you'll see what it's all about. Love those precious socks!

  16. Why thank you, that's so nice. I have never heard of this award till now, just checked it out, sounds like fun!

  17. Absolutely gorgeous little sweet socks!!! :)
    And your motif on the bag is awesome too!!! :)


  18. Thank you the motif just barely fits on there.

  19. Ah, this post made me sad! I used to tat edgings for The Boss and Mini-Boss just like this - now they are too big. It sure goes by fast.
    Fox : )


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