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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Being Distracted Messes Things Up!

Had fun but when to fast, skipped a petal and inside beads on  The "daisy pattern" from Tat Heaven Oh yea and button too big.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Cluny by Dagmar Pezzuto

There is a class that Bella online offers and I am having trouble logging in, I think I have to many cookies, Yes in real life and in cyber space, I will seek further instruction later on tonight.  But I can't wait, so I love this 2 color cluny  and can see many things like bugs wings, tigers, etc. It's great fun for me, you all know I love cluny style, and Dagmar Pezzuto opens up a whole new world, with 2 colors. Thanks to Georgia Seitz bringing this to my attention!

Love the stripes 

In the making, this is pumpkin spice? I think and black size 20 and color 100 is the number, I  changed the pattern slightly, my beads were little larger. and wanted to hang differently where  I added a black leather cord. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Size 3 Came in Yesterday!

My daughter finished a scarf she was making me, it is so soft made with bamboo yarn.
I was thinking of sewing these to it but then again maybe not.
this type of shuttle is normally to large for me work, but great for this size thread!
love the colors of thread and the size It's like working big crayons, instead of color pencils. 

This red is done with one shuttle full of size 3, and little from ball thread.  The orange crush is done with a way smaller amount of thread, I filled the starlit shuttle 3/4 full to start.
the beads are hug E seed beads.  You have to place them one by one, using glue and twisting end of the thread tight and letting it dry small, so you can slide the beads on.
I totally had to wing the pattern wanted it to look like Tathavens daisy she will be making her pattern known soon.I hope!
used the button like others (Jame E) but sewed the beads on for more coverage of beads! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Finished Purses

After tatting to the point where purse opens.  You begin with more of same size rings, open the purse and tat ring to next picot and chain 12 double stitches up to another ring and back down (for the frilly look) to the same picot.  You will make two rings then one and so on, only to picots that connect to purse. 

This is showing how to go around other end and continue, flipping the purse as you start back.

This is the finished purse with out a lining  let me know which one you like the best.

I stitched the lining in here purse, opening is all way round is 7 and 1/2 inches purse measures 5 and 1/2 inches across.  laying out flat.

Here is the first purse I have done, and was disappointed after all that work that the medal clasp broke only after about fifteen uses.

.     I will find a different handle and replace it someday!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Next Step In Purse!

Now that two are made, I place them together and tat rings of 5 double stitches, separated by three picots, top picot connects both doilies as seen below. 
Then chains of 7 double stitches picot and 7 double stitches with rings, repeat till marker at other end.
I am leaving a space of 11 picot for opening.
I got my car worked on, and did this in 2 hours this amount shown 15 rings and chains equals  8 minuets  for one ring and chain. Approximately.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chatelaines and Purse Update!

A friend (Tally Tatty) told me about how she was making a chatelaine, thought about it for a while and realize how this is an excellent idea!  Now I don't misplace my crochet hook or scissors!
Don't know why they when out of style! 
My strawberry bag is big enough for rings, but I really place a balloon in it, to pull those end threads through! 
I have more than one, my husband made the leather necklace, this holds a whistle for emergence's or to break up a fight:) I did make the hooks too by gluing the hook into the bead. 
 After mignonette is done a series of ring of 4ds and 3p all connecting, with a chain of 5ds p 5ds.
The pins show they pattern the rings lay in the mignonette which is ring, ring, 2 rings, ring ring till end.
I recommend placing pins to mark your place that 2 rings go, I never made a mistake on this round!

This was not ironed
 and comes out so nice and lays flat. Now off to make another!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Change of Color for Purse Instructions

After the mess with 4 different colors on 4 shuttles, time to add the next round.

There are 4 larger rings that connect with 2 picots, you should have 24 rings with 24 picots

Now the mignonette tatting with one shuttle begins, making a ring of 2 double stiches connected to picot 2ds and close
you will want to measure 1 cm of length as you go around.
This does not have to be exact but try to be at least.  I stitch the end in, and cut.

when you come all way round jump up like here

The yellow arrow shows the ring I use to find the single ring so each side can be marked where to place 2 rings to expand so can lay flat for next round.
I bought extra safety pins with out coil  and can send the first 4 people some that email me at"".
They are small but great for tatting projects

It looks a little odd on the second round but keep the 1cm length as you can see it slides and straightens out
by this third round you increase the length to 1.3 at the least and try to keep it close to that by checking your guess every so often.

This is the last row of mignonette tatting now and to make purse we need two. will show next step in next post
Even if you don't make this purse I thought you would enjoy seeing how it's done! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Inside Motif of Purse and Making a New Shuttle

Start with 3 colors
Add black when you get to it

Finish off and I will show the netting in a couple days.
I started making  shuttles and while working with them had to remove (sand off) bumps that stick up.
the first pictures shows more bumps that got in the way of threads.
My husband placed the posts in to wrap the thread around.
That takes some soldering.
Solid brass lead free and lead free solder!