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Monday, October 21, 2013

Finished Purses

After tatting to the point where purse opens.  You begin with more of same size rings, open the purse and tat ring to next picot and chain 12 double stitches up to another ring and back down (for the frilly look) to the same picot.  You will make two rings then one and so on, only to picots that connect to purse. 

This is showing how to go around other end and continue, flipping the purse as you start back.

This is the finished purse with out a lining  let me know which one you like the best.

I stitched the lining in here purse, opening is all way round is 7 and 1/2 inches purse measures 5 and 1/2 inches across.  laying out flat.

Here is the first purse I have done, and was disappointed after all that work that the medal clasp broke only after about fifteen uses.

.     I will find a different handle and replace it someday!


  1. Just gorgeous. It's fun designing little purses. Made a few for my little sisters. Thanks for your little tutorial. Have to send it on to my students.

  2. Oh thanks, I was looking at some other ones (it was pinned on pinterest) that will work for a chatelaine, they are smaller and have that cute plastic ring on them, that everyone dresses up with tatting and then the purse attaches to it.

  3. Very pretty! I like it even better with the lining-- partly for practical reasons so everything doesn't fall out (and people can't see your stuff), but also because I think it shows the tatting off better.

    I do hope you find another suitable clasp for the other one. The colors on it are so pretty!

  4. Thank you, I saw some at the store that were made by a different company and I will have to remember to bring old one to store, see if I can make it fit.

  5. I like it with the lining for two reasons... it makes the bag more useable, and I think the lining helps show off the tatting. Beautiful!

  6. Yes, the lining finishes off a really pretty purse. Thanks for showing us what you did!

  7. I also like the lining, it keeps the bag in its shape and is more useable at least nothing will fall out if it when you are using it.
    Great tutorial and very interesting to see the whole process of making the bag
    Well done

  8. Well looks like lining it is! thank you all!

  9. Such an elegant bag, do hope you find a new clasp to fit and pleased that you have been using the bag too.

  10. So lovely and very vintage. My daughter would love these. I would love these :).

  11. Oh what a beautifull project you made! This is a vintage purse, soooo cute!
    By the way, my hands are tight in our house, so I won't find time to help you with yous. There are many more places to clean.
    Love Marianne.


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