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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Donation for Silent Action, Lace Making Tools in a Basket

Tatting Cornor Tat Days
The Money will go to local Spay and Neuter Program
I call it "Catch of the Day"

I repurposed long pine needles from a tree in neighborhood that met a sad ending when those pine beetles took him.
Luckily the sister tree is still around. 
made with tatting thread.

Remember those blue socks I knitted  and made many mistakes with?
Well they fit and looking gooood!
on my latest grandson

Have a wonderful Day

Monday, June 25, 2018

Tatted Lace Edges with Baby Button Fun!

Okay found these baby buttons (from Sewology) and because of my impatience waiting on Martha's book to come out I just made a simple edging for a special tatting bag

The chains are 6 picot 6, and the rings are 4ds separated by 3 picots and the corners are set up like pictured above. 

This bag is 5X7 inches and the thread is a 20 dark ecru.  Now with some beads and most buttons I find that there is a certain sawing motion that takes place as you snug the button on (placing on the ring with crochet hook) to the ring. 
This is something that needs to be worked at or at least check the back of your button (before moving on) because I find that I leave a loose thread, that just look bad!
So this is what I have been up too for Tatting Cornor's tatting days! I love making them but I am done with this for a little while, got to rest up  so I can tat with the big dogs :)
Come join the fun July 5,6,and 7

Thank You "Muskaan" For pattern Making of Kiss Kiss Fish

Thank You Muskaan for making this lovely little fish, along with all your other tips.
You truly enjoy tatting to help me out.
When I started tatting I hated computers and picture taking. I have improved so much if I compare my self to me :)  But even with Robin's gentle encouragement I am putting off tatting pattern diagraming to the last.
Still not sure if any one can download this and print it off
I need more skills in this area.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Final Day of Occhi Kiss Kiss Fish Tat-A-Long

Third and final day 
Now you slide the eye bead from shuttle two, and two  kissing lips seed beads down snug :) Then tatting 8ds
 (remember to check the two extra free ends and tug on them seperately so eye bead looks good and not covered by those extra threads) and then 4 more picots separated by 1 ds (the picots start small 2mm going to 6mm  for size 40, and add 2mm each for size 20 thread, or you can play around to see what you like) this makes the top fins. 

After top fin is complete chain another 8ds and snug down all the core thread by gently pulling them to make the curve of the body.

Thread a needle or use a small crochet hook to take the core thread and tie it to knot you made at the beginning.  Then hide knot and then you are done. 
I finish off by threading a needle and whip stitching it through the fin I started.  You have many choices to finish off and can cut and tie and add a product called frey check on the knot.
Warning sometimes Frey Check will remove color from the beads if it gets in them. 

This little white fish is one that has less double stitches on and I was just playing around, another words, a mistake :)

I found them kissing Janes Mermaid. 

I hope you enjoyed this fish and have fun experimenting with them. 
 I originally made them for paperclips and then realized many more possibilities :)
Will try to make a PDF soon to print off but these tips are needed first.
this part is hard for me cause I out source this to family.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Day two of Kiss Kiss Fish

So below after your threads are tied, you will start first half of the tail fin with a ring.  Slide 5 beads onto the ring before you begin and slide the beads to back and out of way, make 4 double stiches (ds) slide a bead and make 1 ds ,then slide 3 beads and make 1 ds, then 1 bead and 2ds, Then picot and 3 ds and close ring.
pictured below. 

Now the second half or the tail fin.  Another Ring, with 5 beads slid onto ring and out of way, make 3 ds and connect to picot of last ring, then 2ds and 1 bead and 1ds,  then 3 beads 1ds, 1 bead four ds and close ring.

Now for your fish body (retie knot if not close enough to fin).  I wrap my chain core thread (shuttle 2) with those long ends to core thread around my middle or ring finger like a tourniquet(maybe not so tight), this is the shuttle thread with the one eye bead and continue,

 With 6 double stitches and 4 picots separated by 1ds.   All picots can vary and I started this with 2mm then 2 more with 4mm and 2 more at 2mm again for size 40, size 20 thread can be 4mm  then 2 at 6mm then back to 4mm . 

 (You can do any thing you would like here, with the size of picot and if placing the fish on a paperclip the picots don't have to be measured just tatted directly to paperclip.) 

This ends todays part of the tat a long
Kiss Kiss bye :) 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

"Kiss Kiss Fish" Tat-A-Long

This is the little fish pattern is called "Kiss Kiss Fish".
Let's begin!
2 shuttles to make.  Then 12 seed beads and a larger bead for an eye. One fish is
2 and 1/2 centimeters long in size 40 and little larger for larger size thread.
Above picture is made in size 40 thread, can be made in any size thread, will be fine.  You need 12 seed beads that seem to fit the size thread, size 14 for a size 40 thread If your close with the bead size you should be fine.
Or size 11 seed bead for size 20,  this goes on shuttle one, with at least 1 and 1/2 yards of thread or 140 cm of thread to make one fish.

I think the hardest part is threading the beads on. Shuttle 2 gets one larger bead about double size of the seed bead you are using. (this dark blue bead is 3 millimeters long). 
the thread length is less than half of shuttle 1

Once you have beads threaded on separate shuttles, tie them together using square knot or whatever you like.
It is very important to leave long tails of 22 cm long or 8 to 9 inches long. This will be cut off when fish when completely done because will be used to strengthens the main fish shape.
Day 2 is tomorrow not sure if I want to make a day three or just finish the little one tomorrow :) 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Fun Summer Doily Finished

Completed I defiantly will use these colors again!

Join me in a couple days with a tiny (3 day) tat a long lets just say I found the pattern for "Kiss Kiss Fish"
finally, its been forever, right :)

Friday, June 8, 2018

Satisfied With Last Round in Doily

It came down to 2 choices, of entering and existing out of the cluster of rings to flowers I chose the second one on the right.

Almost done, one more flower ring to go, and a cluster to snip off that left on from a trial practice.  This will complete the doily!

Close up of final round.
Instructions below. 
every thing is a 6 double stitch count between picots around flower,(entering to make the cluster next) make a 10 ds, picot with a flip over if you can,and 7picot 7 then a ring attaching to last rounds chain next to the ring  (ring with 5 picots) the ring consists 6 ds attach to picot on chain and then 4ds then attach to first picot in ring, 4 ds and P close ring six attach to the last picot of chain the 6ds and attach and start your next ring (6+4+4p6)  making chains of 6ds p 6ds continue till done and then climb out with two 7ds then the 10ds and you have existed out and now encircling next flower.   

Well have fun and a great weekend coming up!  

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Working Out This Doily from Alenalea

 This doily is a tat along on Facebook which I don't belong yet. click here Alenalea (thank you). 
Margaret is the one who found and sent me this information.
 After finishing all chain rows, you get to do some rings and chains. keep in mind I had an awful time with the chain count on the last row of the chain before the rings and chains. I was confusing for my brain but may be fine with everyone else.

Now here is where a design suggestion could go two ways, to attach the flowers was made.  After attaching the flowers one way they did not look right and so it worked out much better this way.
 Ring of 4 separated by 3 picots. the middle picot attaches to pervious round middle picot of chain. Then I chained 12 ds. (double stitches) attached a picot from flower and 12 ds. and then the pervious ring count. Then a chain and attach the second part of flower and repeat.
Now between the flowers a chain of 10ds. and picot and 6ds.  then a ring of 4ds picot, separated by 2ds and 4 more picots separated by 2ds then 4ds close ring. chain 6 picot then 10 and another ring attached to pervious row 

Well this work out well and speeded up things a bit.  Happy so far with this result.
have a great week!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Expiermenting With Tatted Center of the Doily

 Chaining around the center and decided to try to add a picot before the connect to previous picot, and I don't think it is a good Idea but kept going to see what would happen.

I am going to keep it even though not too thrilled with it. Just cause I want to move on, and it is so tiny I think, in the end it will hopefully be okay. with a natural garden look :)  
Have a great Sunday