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Friday, June 15, 2018

Final Day of Occhi Kiss Kiss Fish Tat-A-Long

Third and final day 
Now you slide the eye bead from shuttle two, and two  kissing lips seed beads down snug :) Then tatting 8ds
 (remember to check the two extra free ends and tug on them seperately so eye bead looks good and not covered by those extra threads) and then 4 more picots separated by 1 ds (the picots start small 2mm going to 6mm  for size 40, and add 2mm each for size 20 thread, or you can play around to see what you like) this makes the top fins. 

After top fin is complete chain another 8ds and snug down all the core thread by gently pulling them to make the curve of the body.

Thread a needle or use a small crochet hook to take the core thread and tie it to knot you made at the beginning.  Then hide knot and then you are done. 
I finish off by threading a needle and whip stitching it through the fin I started.  You have many choices to finish off and can cut and tie and add a product called frey check on the knot.
Warning sometimes Frey Check will remove color from the beads if it gets in them. 

This little white fish is one that has less double stitches on and I was just playing around, another words, a mistake :)

I found them kissing Janes Mermaid. 

I hope you enjoyed this fish and have fun experimenting with them. 
 I originally made them for paperclips and then realized many more possibilities :)
Will try to make a PDF soon to print off but these tips are needed first.
this part is hard for me cause I out source this to family.


  1. If you wish, I can draw you the fish diagram with stitch count to add to pdf. Let me know.

    1. Yes, that would be great, sorry I was so long in getting back to you, I will email to.

  2. Olá amiga!
    Seus trabalhinhos, são um encanto.

  3. Adorable! I love them with the mermaid close by!

    1. I guess is is a fun at the beach theme❤⛱❤

  4. Preciosos amigos para la sirenita. Besos.

  5. Really very nice Carollyn! I love the Janes mermaid too!
    I like the composition in the last photo.
    have a good day

    1. Oh I do too, I was thinking of using that for the first picture 😃

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  7. So adorable. Definetely I must try it:) Thank you:)

  8. Thank you, I hope you get too 😃


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