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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Medimorphis with Ice Drop Patterns and Pine Needle Baskets

When I used Margaret's Ice drop pattern, I was placing face beads inside.... I got an idea.  It's not spring but this could be a late summer butterfly so far got to tat wings. 
Little longer and green and maybe a book worm!
My grandchildren collect pine needles and save them for me wanting me to make them a basket they get to pick the tatting thread and we start soaking the needles.

I have made beautiful tatting shuttles in the past using filigree findings purchase on line but this time the brass was way to thin to make an actual shuttle and works perfect for the bottom of a beautiful basket :)
I started may grandsons and he wanted blue on the bottom and green tatting thread.
they were out of school for a week and came to visit and we had a wonderful time Museums and Zoo and fun outside,  but didn't finish the baskets. 

Then everything changed and my granddaughter fell from a tree and it wasn't very big just landed wrong
it lacerated her Kidney and Spleen and broke her wrist she almost needed surgery and they were on standby.

Was a crazy unexpected time and several days in Hospital. 
She is home now and received her basket that I finally finished and put in the mail and  she loved it.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Endless Summer Heat With Tatting Lace

Making an edging for an envelope bag for my daughter was a nice change.
The Hardest part is sewing this down on slippery fabric. After a while I realized I should have tacked it down with large stitches.  

The thread was getting caught on all the beads on this late hot summer day.  My lawn has dried up but there is plenty of light to see the work.

My daughter choose the lovely pattern from this book and I do believe it is a top 5 of my tatting books.  If you don't have this one you need to get it. 

My husband loves making things (wooden shuttles) and working with wood, here he is finishing up a Beautiful kitchen knife for me. I am enjoying this very sharp utensil now!
Our weather has had no rain and 94 degrees F is very warm.  It finally ended and last three days it has cooled off a little bit and cool in the early mornings which is great and finally got some rain.
Hope your October has been good for you so far! 
 Remember to take care  be fair and take tatting everywhere :)😉

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Keys, Doilies, and Late Summer Hummingbirds

I have been away, and thought I would show a picture of my latest collection of keys .

This doily is finished because my granddaughter fell in love with it and took it home even though the directions had a couple more rounds I do like where I stopped.  the color is a little bleached out colors are more vibrant :(

This key is a beauty, and it's practical too, it opens sodas pop bottles :)
sorry I've been away so very long
Have a wonderful week!
I think I fixed the video of a little hummingbird at the house!

Monday, August 26, 2019

Tatted Keys From Friends

This one is from Australia and loves varigated threads I thing this is a beauty this thread is called ocean sunset🌞 
 This color is called sea scape. 
This is a collection from Canada from Shelley P.  You may have seen this on F.B.  She is test tatting a pattern. For me.
Have a great day 😀

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Lacemaking in a Day with Keys and Friends

I used a moon face disk (inch long) and had to add more than six rings to Diane's basic Ice Drop pattern 
And got "One Day" which is really is Margaret's Taj Mahal pattern exactly!

Shelley from Canada has now been also making keys and this is one I really like she matched the rose gold pearls with some rose gold keys!

we were test tatting a new pattern of mine on a new style of key!

Sooo I found some new key that will open a bottle and away I go with another pattern!
Wish me luck I will be opening an Esty shop soon with patterns and shuttles such.

This key has a button at the top!
I have more pictures of keys but need to ask if I can place them on my blog!
I have been enjoying helping others go crazy with tatting, hopefully you all are doing the same!
Have a creative wonderful day!

Monday, August 12, 2019

A Sunny Day with Lace!

I am test tatting this Ice Drop for Margaret!  It's the Taj Mahal Ice Drop.

I love this pattern it seems additive to me!
I added face beads (little bit by accident!)
This is same pattern I just had to add 2 more rings the bead was larger!

This little sunny Taj Mahal has a bit more eye maycup! 
the beads were bought a few more years ago but I have checked they are still available on line a bead places :)
I also did half stiches on the split chain part on this one.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Art Nouveau with Lace!

I found this image below,  showing where my imagination went with this tatted round looking like "Art Nouveau". 

The following are pictures on how this One shuttle doily began.

Explore and have your own tatting adventure Day!