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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tatted Lace Poinsettia Earrings

Had a big week, and it really doesn't take long to make them. But it was all I could do to finish the last one.

That me modeling them.
the PFD for pattern is located Here
thanks Muskaan 

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Poinsettia Tatted Earings

I just thought Earrings when I saw Muskaan's Pattern

I did use size 80 thread to achieve the look I wanted. Had to only place one yellow bead in center of each clover instead of three.

Now to make another :) Thanks for the free pattern I really enjoyed making this and it was easy to understand too!
click on her name under first picture to go to her blog if you haven't already!
Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Tatting Lace with Cabbage

I finally finished the "all rings doily" and found that the winter crop looks so pretty that you might like to see this too.

The church across the street from me has a neighborhood garden and they have a final winter crop and have even harvested some of the beautiful cabbage and above is broccoli. 
It is 70 degrees Fahrenheit  here, and that is warm, but the average for October.

My camera was not quite catching the pretty green but this is so pretty and big had to show you!

Some pretty flowers that seem to actually look like same color.

This flower I can't remember the name was much more magenta here it just looks red, but still pretty.

If you live in neighborhood you can get a row (to grow what ever you like) for your family, and all they ask is that you give a certain percent to the needed people store down town. 
Have a wonderful week and great Sunday

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Little Guy That Needed a Gecko.

Had fun with one of  the many free patterns from Jane Eborall's blogspot  I did find some graduated beads to place in the back  (Did add more double stitches to to larger beads.) and sent this to my grandson.
Thanks to Jane and all You tatters that make patterns for us to enjoy
Keep tatting!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

All rings, Tatting Lace Update

Got a chance to work on this little doily 

Then on the final round I just started, I made a mistake so I had to snip and start that last bunch of rings again.!
quick How to snip out tatting movies below if interested movie below

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

White Lace and Pearls

I got out my white nail polish and painted this key white and makes me want to make another :)
My husband had to go out of town to take a class and for me he visited the
"Yarn Shop"
I shout out to lovely people that sell tatting thread too!
once again this little shop is not close by the lucky people of Ohio get to have fun :)

brown with purple and gold beads size 40 lisbeth  the keys are antique replica that I ordered in bulk!
don't over pay shop around and make sure they are good size for tatting 3 to 4 inches.
cause they make tiny tiny ones that look like these too. 

My Grandmother I am sure you have seen this picture before, I  have my wire bending years and made this frame with a little chicken wire, she grown up in depression area and when first married they cleaned out a chicken coup and lived in it too. she was a tatter and crocheter and made the best apple pie ever when her children and grandchildren  make pies
you are to cut the top with a traditional pattern, from the family :)
I will have to post that sometime soon for Thanksgiving holiday.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Key To My Heart

I really doesn't take long, like tatting around button.

 This size 40 thread.
 I did crochet stitch around the edge of the keys by starting with a slipknot and pulled thread from the front and then the back and pulled through the slip knot and continue around.  I did not count I just pushed and squashed the thread, so very little metal shows.
This also can be done with a shuttle too,  I just saved winding around the shuttle time.
This is size 80 thread this key is slightly smaller too.

I ordered the keys in bulk they are fun like buttons to tat around.
these two are size 40.

The little button will be attached to a necklace found wonderful little tassels
at Hobby Lobby too. 

I just directly tatted around this one key. stopped and went back to other side.