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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Lacemaking in a Day with Keys and Friends

I used a moon face disk (inch long) and had to add more than six rings to Diane's basic Ice Drop pattern 
And got "One Day" which is really is Margaret's Taj Mahal pattern exactly!

Shelley from Canada has now been also making keys and this is one I really like she matched the rose gold pearls with some rose gold keys!

we were test tatting a new pattern of mine on a new style of key!

Sooo I found some new key that will open a bottle and away I go with another pattern!
Wish me luck I will be opening an Esty shop soon with patterns and shuttles such.

This key has a button at the top!
I have more pictures of keys but need to ask if I can place them on my blog!
I have been enjoying helping others go crazy with tatting, hopefully you all are doing the same!
Have a creative wonderful day!

Monday, August 12, 2019

A Sunny Day with Lace!

I am test tatting this Ice Drop for Margaret!  It's the Taj Mahal Ice Drop.

I love this pattern it seems additive to me!
I added face beads (little bit by accident!)
This is same pattern I just had to add 2 more rings the bead was larger!

This little sunny Taj Mahal has a bit more eye maycup! 
the beads were bought a few more years ago but I have checked they are still available on line a bead places :)
I also did half stiches on the split chain part on this one.
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Art Nouveau with Lace!

I found this image below,  showing where my imagination went with this tatted round looking like "Art Nouveau". 

The following are pictures on how this One shuttle doily began.

Explore and have your own tatting adventure Day!

Saturday, August 3, 2019

More Lace Keys, and Earings Made of Lace

Working on another pattern with Keys

I was trying to capture the pretty purple using different backgrounds

More Earrings on request.   I meant to take more pictures but didn't so I wrapped them up and mailed them away! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Tatting Lace With Others, Mysteries Uncovered

  At Tat days we were actually tatting along and everyone was given a new ball of thread.  A couple people commented that they tatted very tightly and then one of them broke her thread and we were saying "wow you weren't kidding".  Then she did it again and I said "maybe you are stressed out".  Then it happened again.  
I asked to see a length of thread and just tried to break it and with my hands and it did and then I took some of my own and tried it again, it didn't break as easily and we couldn't figure it out, even after a quick inspection of the thread.  We returned to Lisa Adams (The tatter's enabler, from The Tatting Cornor :) and after a small bit of time she returned and had counted the threads within the thread (which are supposed to be 6)  and there was the problem less cords on the thread, making it weak thread.  She replaced it and we tatted on.
 This little story will make you inspect your thread if you have this same problem.  Dry rot and fraying are other reasons but when tatting and breaking threads remember it may not be You!
Of course more keys to tat around.

Starting on an earring order.

Some more on this doily and blocked it a bit!

My dog with lace again 
remember, Tat the Day Away!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Fun People Just Didn't Get Enough Pictures

This is another wonderful class taught by Carolyn Craig at left and two students Katrina (I hope I'm right with her name)and me. 

We made these lovely cats and she painted the heads to match the thread she supplied too.
I love he tail technique this can be used in other 3 d things like flowers. 

I taught the key class and we also had a great time in the lobby at hotel just talking tatting is was fantastic
Above is Patricia , Maryanna, Sharon they finished there keys. 

Another smart and fun taltented lady with key😀

And looky looky who I got to meet the famous Georgia Seitz in person, she is real😁

I was able to meet and watch the talented needle tatters and am so impressed with them I remember the lady from Manhattan NY Sherry
I loved how the little beautiful bracelet of Sharon, brought us both shuttle and needle tatters together. 
Have a great day and wear that tatted hat I say.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Spring Doily One Round To Go

Leaving me time to clean house???

Or work on my other doily?
Have a great day what ever you are doing :)