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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Ice DropThistle

This is a little 1/2 inch, pretty plastic button.  The pattern is taken from this book below
the top  right one is the exact pattern on page 55 and the drop is the same pattern
just make 2 center rings for every one ring.  Then  leave out the second set of rings
at very top by the flower.
I pinned out and sprayed with water.
Below is a picot gauge made from card stock.

I forgot to show how I frayed the thistle but you just use a pin and separate the strands. I did a water just to the tips of thread. and start separating at the tops of the thread.
And yes I got my Ice drop Addicts shuttle too!
Thank you Rita! Shuttle by Design

This is before you snip them apart! and you don't have to :)
See if you have a pattern that would work to hold a center piece in!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Cotton Candy Fairy

 I made a tassel with cotton strips that I tore starting with a little snip of the scissors at the top of the fabric.

I also received my shuttle from Rita's Shuttle By Design on face book for the Ice drop addicts club. 

I think she is my favorite fairy so far, I like using the strips and want to make an angel for Christmas with all white maybe yellow wings not sure.

And this made great hair for that messy hair look
remember pattern is two posts back for the wings.
have a great day 
tatting away!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Island Fairy Named "Carib" with Lace Wings

She came from the Caribbean
Or maybe from the upholstery shop :)
Here is her back.   This weird tassel on her head, makes great hair that shows of the wings a bit more!

I felt the need to increase the bridge between the wings so I added a few more double stitches, then while checking out blogs I realized that Bernice at "Knotvortex" has used the wings for beautiful crystals click here to check out her creative take with the wings!
She also added a couple extra double stitches before I did!

 Now to find something for this set of wings! 
Hope you all are Having a great New Years Day and don't for get to tat away :)

Friday, December 28, 2018

Fairy Tales In Tatted Lace

This fairy was created with a tassel.  A lovely lady on FB, Melanie V. thought of using the tassels.
I like creating wings for the fairies.
I call her "Wheat Fairy" 

Although most of the wings are covered by hair here is the back side!

This fairy ( 'Bright Blossoms") is a bit loud in color.  But I used her for a step by step to give you an idea of how to make.

A great thing to use is a credit card to make a tassel (less expensive) 
wrap around and bend card to remove so you can tie it up.

She has a crown made of bead cover

She was an experiment fairy with a bead that has a face. 
The arms go in next and can be made with pipe cleaner, wire or thread braided. "Sky is the limit."

Here is the back of the wings, made without beads.
Sticking hair on is the hardest part.
I have sew dolls in the pasts and the next time I will try faux fur or wool and see how that turns out!
I am working on a pdf and have it made but not sure how to place it on the blog for now if you can't wait, here is a picture!

I know it is sideways
Have a great week and tat away!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

The Littlest Angel

I thought I would play with picots

And make a tiny angel

I went too far with the larger one so I used the smaller one.
Then a tiny tree to set the angel on was next!
Hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas time!
or Holidays!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Snowflake Preperation

First you make your snowflake

Then this time I use this school glue with a little water then dip and paper towel squish to remove excess, and pin out to dry.  Its will wash out and is not my only method.  Sometimes other for delicate snowflakes is hair spray and so many others.
starch and sugar water and some are good with nothing at all!
I learned of dipping things in white antacid and this is good for non yellowing too!
What do you do?

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Occhi and Beads and Velvet!

The edging was finished and added to this beaded velvet bag!

This was a Secret Santa gift that was made for a "Needle Tatter"
 it should fit the needles and a project for a take with you.

I love to have tatting you can carry with you!

The inside was reinforced with a heave plastic so her needles would not bend where ever she takes it!

I love the colors and  many people saw me making this just loved it.
the down side is I mailed it away and 
mail said it delivered it, but so far 
no report back and not sure it made it to the person I sent it to
I mail this with another gift and am little worried 

I received my gift an it was lovely and great Idea too!
Here is a picture of the beautiful scissors and beading needles I received 
I love them and perfect for me,thank You Mary 
hugs from Carollyn  
It is great fun to take part in Secret Santa this time with the 
Tatting Cornor!