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Friday, August 23, 2013

Triangle Tatting Shape

I was playing around trying to get this triangle shape.  And I did draw this picture thought it would work as a background.
Here it is in size 80 without  the beads. I was able to make this continuous. 

Working on cluny flowers I don't like what the petals look like when they meet in the middle so I added the little Josephine knots

Daughter wanted the baby's bracelet but in black and white, I took out extra double stitch in the black so it would fit close to white.

This is a better look at it out flat.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Like spinning jumping jacks, I like to see how many I can keep going!

I totally made this one up after doing dragonfly's in the teal and surrounding them with the multicolored thread, I had to do a doily in the same colors.  I don't think the pattern will do any good  because the teal is size 50 and the other is 40 .  The only problem is wondering if I should stop or go on.  

What is in this bag?  Has to do with the this Flemish or Dutch
 book I got on eBay it's old but oh so good! My good friend informed me of the language. 
 I used the translate to understand directions.
 I love this pattern it wasn't hard and it was satisfying to do!
 Only problem is staying clean can't fix supper and tat in white.
It's size 40 an when done will measure 10 and 1/2 inches about when done.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Two Hearts One Pattern

I've been working on a cluny heart pattern and realize not everyone is thrilled about cluny weaving. So you could decide to substitute two split-rings if you like.
This is close up of some work done.
When making split rings and using variegated thread,  keep in mind where one side mixes with another there will be two colors that show like picture below.
 This can be avoided by adding third shuttle which I have not done yet on any of these.

The little purple heart is done in size 40 the others are all size 20 with exception of the white trimmed heart the inside is an odd out of production color and size I can not remember.
If you are interested in the directions e-mail me and I will send you this PDF file free or If you need a hard copy I can send you one for cost of postage and paper.