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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


May's flower of the month (Lilly of the Valley ) with 2 of the worlds largest cluny :) It is so long that looks a lot like two chain stitches, see they are the first two leaves,  I stitched the two clunies together a bit. I like this flower, but think it still need work!
I love the wings but the center was too big, and I removed the original and this second one.

This was the first set of wings made from this book and so I wanted to fix it up and add more color, so it worked out well to encircle it.

Hiding the ends with a whip stitch

I put this little bug center in. I was trying to create something which I will show you in a later blog post, It will be using a one color butterfly.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day USA

My grandfather and father and brother and his sons have served in the service or there country and so far have not been taken to heaven while serving, today we honor those who have given all they had to give.
May we never forget the price they payed!  

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tatted Lace Butterfly

Summertime is here and this pattern was hard but I liked it.  

Went for a walk in the forest last summer and found this she must have just laid her eggs. I wanted to tat her colors!

There is a diagram, and written out instructions, you need both for this one! it tats up crumpled like the top one till pressed out!

Who ever thought this one out had great intellect, She truly could see what this would become from the chrysalis state!  

And here is the book it is in Russian, and this may be why it is so hard to understand! With help from my son who is taking this language in High School, he helped me understand a couple of words :)
I will make more in other colors too I really enjoyed this pattern. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Snood Made With Occhi

I made this a while ago, and forgot to post it.  I was experimenting with some tatting designs. 

I was trying to make the "Victorian sets" in one round, and did not do the 4 half double stitches and 4 of the second half's, like you are suppose to do.  So not thrilled about that.
The second thing I wanted to add, was one more round, to make this slightly bigger. right now it measures 7" or 18 cm.
another half inch round would  have been nice.  

The third thing is easy to fix, and when I wove in the elastic cord, I made it a little too tight, and little hard to get onto my hair! But have been wearing it anyway.

I took the pictures as I was undoing this so you could get an idea of how to make one.  I have a purchased one with a bow, many years ago.
 This is placed in hair by making a pony tail first, roll hair up, and then place it over bun shape. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Antique Camisole and Another Round!

This Camisole  I purchased at antique store.  The rounded neck line, is believed to be late 1800's
The square neck line came along at a later time early 1900's
The tatting thread was a high quality and her stitches seem so perfect, to think it just went under clothes with corset :)
This is a close up I believe the thread to be a size 30. I have not seen this pattern yet, but have seen drawings of this style.  I always wonder about the hands that made this. 
This round of  Renulek's was fun :) and less picots which makes it go by faster!  Looks like this round  almost took two full shuttles.
Thank You!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

World's Longest Cluny on Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all Women that are moms and care for others, young and old :) I had a wonderful week end and got to see one of my son's graduate from University of Georgia. The long drive helped finish up the next round of Renulek's Doily.

I love to paint and no matter how good a painter you are, the brush makes a difference!
And so does the thread when tatting, it can make tatting go quicker, and happy tatting!
This one is perfect quilter!
And this one is a HH Lizbeth thread below and a size 20 for lily of the valley I am working on for month of May!
Yes, and I am in the process of making the worlds largest cluny and this thread is being good to me today and not twisting up!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Tatting a Bonnet On The Little "River"

This little doll came to visit

Her name is "River" She is two months old!

We took lots of pictures, but she moves quickly!
She loved the bonnet I think the light weight of the size 50 thread, makes it so babies don't notice it much! 

The bonnet was made awhile ago but finally put it together for little River :) Her mom is good friends with my daughter!

And no I am not finished but working on the next round of Renulek's doily this morning! 

Monday, May 5, 2014

La Frivolite, Tatting

I love frames and this seems to follow the linking chain of the little "Tatted Book Worm" book mark in a Handy Hands Newsletter Volume 15 issue one.  I just love how in  the (La Frivolite) book she makes corners, and  into a little frame. 
I changed the color at every turn 
Used size 50 thread in a very nice thread called "Omega" and it is soft and yet holds together well if you pick it out and doesn't twist up. :)

This is what the book looks like, that holds the pattern it in french, which I can not read, but I followed the numbered illustration.

Up date on my doily, I started a while back, I finally finished the spokes, and onto the next round which is a bit bothersome to me because I prefer to hide the ends with needle and thread before cutting them off. 

This morning was spent adding another wonderful round to Renulek's Doily I love the way she fills it in. This round is not bad to do at all, but I did cut off and start over I kept forgetting to make 2 rings. That is a heads up for any one starting this round :)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Tatting Lace, Round 5

This round was filled with more picots, Renulek's doily found here

Have a wonderful week end!