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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Snood Made With Occhi

I made this a while ago, and forgot to post it.  I was experimenting with some tatting designs. 

I was trying to make the "Victorian sets" in one round, and did not do the 4 half double stitches and 4 of the second half's, like you are suppose to do.  So not thrilled about that.
The second thing I wanted to add, was one more round, to make this slightly bigger. right now it measures 7" or 18 cm.
another half inch round would  have been nice.  

The third thing is easy to fix, and when I wove in the elastic cord, I made it a little too tight, and little hard to get onto my hair! But have been wearing it anyway.

I took the pictures as I was undoing this so you could get an idea of how to make one.  I have a purchased one with a bow, many years ago.
 This is placed in hair by making a pony tail first, roll hair up, and then place it over bun shape. 


  1. The Cluny leaves star in the middle make this motif very classy! Very nice and different desing!

  2. That is awesome!!! :) It's so beautiful in your hair!!! :)

  3. Oi amiga!
    Um acessório muito bonito.
    E fica um penteado maravilhoso.
    Beijos querida fique com Deus.

  4. Well, you may be able to think of improvements, but it's a great idea and looks really good when worn.

    1. Oh thanks, I do get over critical of my own stuff sometimes!

  5. That is really pretty and lovely with the colour ClunIes, and a lovely way to show off your tatting. Another way to use tatting great idea.

    1. Thank you, one time I was talking to a woman waiting at a print shop and we started talking about tatting and I didn't bring any with me, and she pointed out my hair, and then I had forgotten I was wearing this one and that made it real convenient.

  6. Das ist ein wunderschöner Haarschmuck und eine tolle Idee! Gefällt mir sehr gut!

  7. Very pretty, it's a great idea to wear tatting. Beautiful clunies for the center. Invaluable frivolous things :)


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