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Friday, April 24, 2015

Triangle Pattern in Lace

This pattern is by Nadine Kuk
size 40

This wonderful triangle is designed on Cervelle de dentelles blog, this woman is very talented in many of the arts.  You click on her blog name above to view. The pattern is under Thursday March 2014 she has designed many beautiful patterns for tatting it is worth checking out her blog!

I just decided to connect the motif D and started on the second one (at bottom left) when I go all round the oval, I will be connecting the last three open picots (shown in lower left diagram) I decided to be making and connecting motifs as I go.
I am  unable to post or tat for a while, have Grand babies to babysit in the week ahead
Tat On :)  

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Another Ben Flikkert's Motif

I hope it works when adding the final edge or this doily, for the reason of making the stitches a bit loose.

As you can see here on center round of motif  "D"

I have only done two out of 12 done of motif "C" but I could not stand wondering what it would look like, I began this one.  Fox and UMI have so much more done and I just wanted to see for myself so I jumped ahead :)

I will improve on the mignonette work but will still use this one.  

I am trying to capture the color in this picture. The one that looks white is really a pale lavender.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Ben Fikkert's "Corona" In Progress

Motif B takes a bit longer because I choose to change colors in such a tiny motif.

I am learning to organize, so things are not lost, also a piece of felt, so little items don't fall off, and felt helps hold doily flat too. 

Lets say this is a cheery to make and the topic of many family discussions on color :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Finished Final Round of Renulek's Doily

Love the way this looks, just need a better table to show it off with :) but you get the idea here.

Trying to capture the color of the thread which is Perfect Quilter #063 and lizbeth's 607 both are size 80 thread size this measures 13 inches or 33 centimeters I am glad it is finished, and happy to stitch the final threads in.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wonderful Spring tatting and Violet Syrup Recipe!

This beautiful tatted card was sent from Carolyn at Shopping my Stash she is perfecting and started the art of paper tatting using small hole punch in card stock, and I love this Easter Egg, Thank you so much, this has so many uses to me click Here to look at more. Wanda's Knotty Thoughts has made one too
Looks to be catching on Carollyn :)

 I have picked 2 cups of violets flower tops from my lawn

added 2 cups of boiling water and let steep for 1 and half hours till cool. 

the water turns blue 

Strain all flower parts out and add 2 cups sugar
Add lemon juice one or two spoonfuls till it changes to color shade of purple you like that is the magic part :)
boil 2 mins and your syrup is ready.
 Sweeten your drink or boil longer to thicken for pancakes or add to favorite recipes.
                                            Then refrigerate when cooled down, the flavor is flowery with a hint of pepper to me.
let me know what you think?                                                  

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thread Winders

A thread winder is mostly flat and sometimes a stick.  Keeping the last bits of thread when when ball or spool is too big, winding the thread around them is like a little home while the thread wait for it's master to use it.

They can be made of cardboard, bone, shell or anything.   The top left and bottom are remakes of a time pasts, that tailors and seamstresses used and the black and white one in middle left is a modern day one, both kinds shown here have special boxes made for them, many cards fit for lots of thread selections.
If traveling I use one or two in a little bag with shuttles, and the project, and scissors and keep picture of pattern on my phone.  I am ready to tat for several days.  And no bulky balls of thread, it all fits in my little purse.
Someone suggested to place name and address in your bag incase lost.
For more pictures thread winders click here.

I did start the last round of Renulek's Doily I am happy that it ends with this grand finale of pretty rosettes.   I have been outside enjoying spring time chores so tatting is going slow. 

We have local Dogwood festival this time of year when this trees bloom. We have two colors of dogwood trees.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Egg Decorating, With Lace and Paper

 First I need to fit the tatting to the egg.

Then the glue bath and paper towel to squeeze out extra.

Need egg to shape the egg and let it dry

Thought I was done and needed little more tatting.  Also added a spray acrylic after removed from egg.

added next little row with yellow flowers, then I put the two together with beads and wire :)
Still need to add a clear coat but I enjoy these paper napkin decorating if you stick to a couple rules this is fun and easy. 

Poke hole in raw egg both ends and blow the center out and rinse with water, let dry.

Use one layer of napkin, cut a general length top to bottom, then measure by holding paper to egg wrap around middle and cut paper to fit around widest part of egg then make a kind of picket fence look to paper so it will be fitted to egg.  Paint school glue round the middle of egg and wrap egg.

hold in middle and paint glue one strip at a time, and this covers hole let dry and top coat when done