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Monday, November 26, 2018

Keepsake Snowflake

Experimenting with the bottle cap Ice Drops, I made a snowflake not quite big enough for the bottle cap.
Just the dome that fits inside the bubble dome gluing two sides together and signed the back side it!

There are 2 mistakes in this picture #2 and #8 so check directions below picture.

Here are the directions above
Written instructions
3-any number means that number of double stitches
1.  Make center rings 2 at a time each time connecting back to back and side to side at picots.
2.  chain 7p4p3 this has not been corrected in picture
3.  start with first side of clover. make a ring of 5p separated by 3doublestitches. remember to connect      first and last picots to chain.
4.  top ring of clover 3+to last p of ring, then make a total of 7p divided by 3 and cl,r.
5.  repeat first ring of clover and connect first p to last of pervious ring. close ring.
6.  continue down the chain with 3+4p7 make to more center rings following #1 instructions
7.  chain back up with 5 and then a ring of 5p separated by 3. back down to center rings with 5 and
     make 2 more rings like #1 in directions
8.  Repeat till you have twelve before closing the top of the last ring, insert your dome and
     hide ends.
  •    Two shuttles 
  •     size 20 thread 
  • Have a great week and I am working on the corrections to place on a pdf.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

A Little Snow Before Thanksgiving

Not Really, only in Tatting or lace Land

All of these beautiful flakes are from this lovely book and done in DMC size 80
Its been long time I don't think I did any last year, not sure.
Anywho... there are more in the forecast :)
have a lovely day and tat away!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Autumn Leaves, With Mingnonette Tattting

Having fun with one shuttle tatting, but ended with two shuttles for split rings at end!
When I say one shuttle I mean not ball thread just thread on shuttle.
Working on place settings for Thanksgiving just the edge is two shuttles. this leaf was very thin and tore hole little bit on the leaf by the letter D then covered a layer of that flexible glue it didn't dry yet!

Ordered some very beautiful shuttles from Ukraine and early present to self )
"SergKostyukovDesign" This is a link to etsy shop, to click on!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Wonderful Knitting by Margaret and Tatting Lace :)

I placed and order with our Margaret, she did a fantastic job, Thank You!  She lives over the pond an this came just in time! 

The outfit came with cute mittens, which he loves having on for some reason he kept waving. 

He also loved the adorable monkey buttons too, and he is 7 months old if you are wondering. Margaret's stitching is superb, and the yarn is so very soft too :) Thank You! Margaret!
She sells on Esty and will take orders too! 

I have been occupied with so many things but always wanting to tat. I started this from the book in the picture and love how it is working out and lays so nicely too!

I also am making up a tiny little doily of my own.  Pictured here on my sweet potatoes, that I will be digging up very soon now that the cold has started in it is very pleasant for a change.

Have a great day in November and keep tatting or knitting of what every fun arts you do
smiles and kisses too!