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Sunday, January 14, 2018

"How To" Credit Card Holders, and Tatting Lace Beading Tips!

This makes number 3 complete, I figure I am getting good at this so  thought I would share a more accurate "how to" below

2 and 3/4 inch ribbon is perfect for business or credit cards and felt  for liner, cut larger to fold over  raw cut edges at tops.
I learned that these credit card cases really do protect your credit cards from being read from your purse, and can be ordered from eBay or Amazon in bundles of 8.  

Wrap and cut your ribbon to size by folding over a card with 1/4 inch to spare. Make a design, and stitch down.

I tack down (stitching I will remove later) the felt and cut apart the liner protector for cards cut to fit a curve of your choice  that you cut to reach card, and insert protectors.  Like below

Stitch down sides, note room left to put more than one card in, and that felt does not go all way to bottom, so this will not be bulky.

Now for the tatted edging is all that is needed  cause this is a tatting blog mainly :) below is a great tip for tatting with beads.

Because I love to go too fast sometimes or most of the time I make mistakes :) and after stringing all the beads on I don't feel like taking them all off to correct my huge mistake so as long as you can place string at least a foot into the trash can
you can take pliers that have flat sides and crack off that little big mistake.
the beads are glass hints the trash can for the broken bits and be gentle with cracking and do not twist string.  You don't want to fray the string for you have tatting to do with it.

My colors are different in the fabrics and so I changed color thread when sewing down and this helps hide stitches. 

Also Felt is very forgiving when stitching down things you and hide knots well in felt too.
Well that is it for today and have fun with what ever you are making
Hugs from Carollyn.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Tatted Square Plus Edging Decided.

Yes another square, and then I think they should be sent off to get there in time.
This pattern is Ninetta and scroll down one from her beautiful roses to get a great size 40 square
she said to change 3ds to 4 and 6 to 8 and it works fine. 

Yes this is what I am using except the tatting thread is showing up a bit light but very happy with this one.
Have a great week end All!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

More With Beads and Tatting Card Holders

Having fun with beads and tatting

I struggle with the color it is more rich than this.

this was made with two separate pieces of tatting!

Now there are two.  The first one is size 40 and the second is size 20.
Have make a third one.
Have fun creating today!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Pinterest, Native beading with tatting

This was my plan with my edging. 
I tried to follow a North American (Woodlands) tribe
called the "Ojibwe", although there are many tribes that use the flower patterns.
It is a card holder, and I also found that ribbon that is 2 and 3/4 inch wide is great cause the ends are finished on the sides
this is lined with felt and holds cards very well. 
in case you forgot the purple edging with the mango :)
I did not get pictures as I progressed but I did start another one and have been taking better how too pictures with the next one.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Another square to add to Marilees and Janes patterns

Cant help but try to make a pattern so Canarithy's Womans Rights Project will be contributed by women all over the world. I do believe that women should be able to vote. Also that women are equal helpmates with men. I do not believe in same sex marriage. I do believe that no one should be mentally or physically hurt for their sexual preferences. I believe that Marriage is ordained of God and between man and woman. Hopefully this belief will still  manifest as equal rights if not, I will not send in my squares
I did not intend this to argue just making a statement
and hope Canarithy will explain
her definition.

Friday, January 5, 2018

More little Gifts and 2 projects started 2

Well Margaret also sent me a hand made wonderful card with a hankie and thread she must know it is the one thing I have yet to tat! My friends are talented I do repeat!
Thank You for also brightening my Christmas time!

Oops I forgot these are the first two squares and one with the mistakes but the picots will line up.  So I will be sending off it when I finish a couple more!
Hear Ye Hear Ye! 

Finally, I have been tatting a project that works perfectly for 2and 1/2 inch ribbon.
I like this picture because the color is showing up perfectly.
Its from Handy Hands and Lizbeth color #641 in size 40
have a great day! 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

A Gift From New Zealand

Just in Time to make a wonderful Christmas Day, from very far away, New Zealand
I have said it before I love and appreciate my artistic friends.
Lee is a expert in Stitch embroidery 
among other things.
she has a blog called "Notes From Under the mountain"

At first I thought I saw the stitched bird in brown,
then realized the outlined bird 
was not a printed fabric 
Yes, this was stitched too!

Opening these beautiful closers is grand because there is even more
stitching with words "birds of beauty the sky is your home, just spread your wings and fly high"
And if that isn't enough there is more!

Stitching and gifts!

And another stitch painting
Thank You, now I have the honor or owning a useable piece of art.
I carried this around and caringly showed everyone on Christmas day!
How did she know that I have a board on Pinterest
called "needle books"