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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Another square to add to Marilees and Janes patterns

Cant help but try to make a pattern so Canarithy's Womans Rights Project will be contributed by women all over the world. I do believe that women should be able to vote. Also that women are equal helpmates with men. I do not believe in same sex marriage. I do believe that no one should be mentally or physically hurt for their sexual preferences. I believe that Marriage is ordained of God and between man and woman. Hopefully this belief will still  manifest as equal rights if not, I will not send in my squares
I did not intend this to argue just making a statement
and hope Canarithy will explain
her definition.


  1. What a cute square medallion! Goes well with the original - dense with the airy - and would make a beautiful mat :-)

  2. Yes, I like how people are making different kinds😊

  3. Lovely squares! Cathy did say you can state what you wish for women in your country, so I don’t think you’d be in danger of representing something you don’t believe in.

    1. I did send her a message and she said that too. Thanks for commenting I know it not my favorite thing to do when all i really want to do is tat ☺ just didnt want to miss lead.

  4. Olá amiga!
    Lindo trabalho , ficou bem delicado.
    beijos fique com Deus.

  5. Beautiful pattern combination.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks it is fun to try and match up with a certain size square!

  7. Lovely pattern to go with the rest, I have made quite a few of the original pattern and I now on one of the other patterns. I do like your little pattern should fit in well with the other patterns.


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