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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ice Drops

Diane let me know where to fine these beautiful  20 mm. coins Etsy  

I received them not too long ago and thought about  changing the recipe a bit to show these beautiful peacock eyes.
she mentioned that she worried that the patterned might cover them up.
so I really didn't mine the original but having plenty of time to think on it.  I used smaller thread size 80 and this helped.

 With size 80 thread.  Make 14 rings altogether, connecting picots on each side rings of,  6 picot 3 picot 6,  in-between each ring a chain or 8 picot 8 connecting the last ring and chain.
With out cutting, round two starts right on top of the first ring, make another round of same size rings and chains, (fold back chains of last round) but this time lock join at base of the rings the smaller chain of only 8 double stitches( this way you have two circles of rings and chains.
Don;t forget to slide the 20 mm. coin in when you are down to the last 4 rings left.
That was the hardest part working with coin in, and now you start with last round  (never cut and tie till end)
you make a chain of 8, then a ring of 6 connect to first available picot 6 and close ring then chain of 8 then Josephine knot of 8 half stitches, chain of 8 then another ring of 6 picot 6 connecting to next picot go all the way around, cut and tie :)   

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bulb Forcing for Spring (with Tatted Lace)

Another reason to practice clunies .

 Well just in time to fill the whole house with the wonderful smell of hyacinths  

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Ice Drops with buttons

Well had to make another, with size 40 thread Lizbeth Navy blue (640) from Handy Hands the button is still little small but still works. 
The button is 1/2 inch or 12 mm.

I know I took lots of pictures...

I just like how they came out :) I am going to make hair clips with these.

Except for this one above, it's not that great (picture came out too light) but shows the size 40 thread with the size 20.

I know I could run to store and buy the proper size but I do have stuff round here to experiment with.

Have a wonderful Day and Week

Friday, March 17, 2017

Ice Drop Frivolite

Don't know why I put it off for so long, Diane sent me one of hers the pretty ones in brown in upper right, Many Thank Yous Diane.  Seeing it in person is always convincing! 

It is that list of "thing to tat" it is like candy which one shall I try next :) 

And yes I finish this latest round of the 2017 Spring Doily you can buy the entire pattern and work it, or wait for a week by week release game which is what I am doing:)
Thank You Renulek 

Sooo back to the story, I "The Queen of Nick Nacks" Do not own 20 mm jewel things (I have the larger ones).  And yes I bought the peacock ones on eBay, Thanks for the tip Diane.
So I found a button, and this is what happened I cut the shank off with tool at bottom of picture.
I could have left it on :)  

I was so surprised to see everyone else breaking down and making one too here are directions remember to get 20mm gems   Ice drop PFD is located in the file section of her face book page

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Building a Tatted Lace Collar and Renulek Spring Doily 2017

Well here it is finished in time before the release of next row :)
I always have fun working on Renulek's doilies they are beautiful!
Thank You :)

Well maybe you can guess what this is for.  If interested this 2 shuttle edging pattern it is below :
Ring (with three beads slid on ring to back) of 5 double stitches, picot, 5ds., picot, 5ds, three beads 5ds  close ring, and then chain of 10 three beads and 10 and connect to 2nd picot of ring. then repeat for length you need.  Its great and can go curved of straight.

I didn't place enough beads on shuttle to make it all the way around, so I got creative and saved three sets of pearls  to rest at the top of cameo, and fudged at the sides with Josephine knots instead of beads,
Will just say it looks artistic? :)

Well the spring doily (size 50 thread) lays under the Cameo.
this may give you a size reference. 

To change things up a bit, I was able to talk Diane out of a beautiful Ice drop and look how cute it would look here!
I could also see a pretty white collar made with Margaret's Ice Drop Heart too!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cameo Collar with tatting lace, Update

Last post I covered the edges with the tatting. Now I made flowers on left side
leaving long ends from tatting to sew down to collar. 

I added some antique buttons next.

Then, a simple chain stitch in the holes, next to the fabric at top.
I am going do do little more soooo
Stay tuned to this blog :)

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Embellishing a Lace Collar with Occhi

I did cover this cameo long ago and posted it.

I bought this collar off of eBay for about 6 dollars 

 The edging you see is just a beginning and  I will make  more brown edging for top and some flowers with pearls for middle and side .

I am planning on stitching browns through out the fabric part of the collar too.
lets hope I will stick to this task and Finnish at least within 2 months.
Hope this week find you creative and happy!