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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Tatted Lace Candy Corn doily, and soup

I didn't have much to go and loved the way the Josephine knots made the chains uneven but needed to be contained with organized rings and chains I started this way back in august 2013 

At time my husband made some fish and we sold sold some on eBay, we haven't made any for a while. Here scroll down one page to see how close to done I was.

Here is a great Mexican soup recipe I made up it is easy but need the ingredients, that my not have at on hand.

  •  One large family size can of tomato soup
  • 1 and 1/2 cups cubed cheese (any kind I used colby-jack cubes) 
  • can black beans 15.5oz
  • 2 small avocados cubed
  • about 2 cups chopped cooked roast beef or chicken meat ( I normally use beef)
  • enchilada sauce one small can I prefer red color and medium hot (This picture is green sauce)
  • one to two cups corn
  • toasted corn chips for garnish on top
  • can add chopped black olives if desired.
  • Mix all ingredients (except cheese) in 4 quart or 3.7 liter pot, and the soup with the 1/2 can of water, bring to boil and stop and add cheese simmer 2 mins.  Garnish with toasted chips. 
  • The cheese doesn't melt together even when warmed up later on, the tomato keeps it separated.   

mixing in one pot

frozen corn but can add canned corn
I love this soup and even though it is summertime I still crave it. May favorite is with Beef cubes from  Sunday roast :)
I toast in oven at 350 fir 5 mins I think :)

Friday, June 26, 2015

Receiving a beautiful Gift from Poland

 I love looking a blogs from around the world and many talented tatters.  One of them is From Nami Art Blogspot . I won Beautiful earnings from her give away

This lovely tatted earnings comes with little butterflies and camels from Poland.
here is a close up!

Here is them on.

And little closer :)
Check out her blog for inspiring works

Thank you so much!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Summer Thistles In Lace

An old favorite from "Mastering Tatting"
What is it about this little untouchable flower that people just love?

Was going to make picots  fuzzy and when I pined it out I kind of liked it so left it.  I want to make coasters some day.

I made the first inside of ovals larger and now I just making them all that way. The next two rows fit fine so I decided to go with it.
Hope I don't regret this on last row.

Now 6 ovals are attached and 6 more to make and attach. I enjoy this pattern called "Corona" by Ben Fikkert  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Practice Occhi with Buttons

Buying these tiny buttons that are 1 centimeter across. I have discovered that this is great practice for anyone that needs to work with  folding and attaching in tatting.  

This one started with size 20 thread, a simple ring of 3 picots separated by 3 double stitches  connect to button with middle picot and a chain of 12ds  picot and 12ds then repeat all way round, and tie to beginning finish ends.
To start the next row, fold way back one chain to attach the next row of rings and chains that will be the same stitch count. 
Unless you use a different size thread.  

The variegated thread is size 40 thread and to mach up with the size 20, I increased stitch count to 4ds on rings and 15ds on chain in between picot. 

After ring is made you can drop down the previous row's chain and start your chain. 

Then a little weaving can begin.
 ( you could do more if you used 4 shuttles and worked the two rows simultaneously but I did not do this).
This will attach under next chain, but when you attach the last picot ring, this loop will now be tucked under. like below.

After connecting the second ring push threads down to keep work under, finish ring and close and start next chain.

Go over  for next and under, repeat till all way round tie to beginning and finish ends. 

now I cut small strips 1 inch wide and 7 inches long  from jeans or any cotton fabric then a running stitch to gather into a circle then snip all way round a circle you have made and wash and dry iron and add your tatted button to make hair decoration. 

These little practice pieces are great with out fabric and can be attached to bobbin pins and placed in hair too.
This little tatting practice take a short amount of time and uses little bits or thread and you can add beads and shorten and lengthen chains and rings on your own.
Have a great time tatting.  

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Science and Tatting Lace?

I am catching up a little bit, I finished the little motifs all way round.  The little circular ones will surround the edge once again, after the ovals are all on.  

They are so tiny and I really don't mind making them got a system going. Colors here are Azalea Medium, and Purple Iris light from Lizbeth 
 Only six more ameba  (that's what my 17 year old son calls them ) to go!
( it's a single celled organism) center color is Elderberry Jam.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

More Snow flakes In June

Another beauty reviewed, size 80 DMC. I love how she diagrams where to flip work to get correct curve on the chains

Above, I folded over my work, so shuttle won't run into center. Folding helps with most snowflakes, even at the end, when the tatting goes back into itself. 

My snow flakes are kept into a little box to give away at christmas time. I have definitively an early start :)
Robin, I give 5 stars too!  "Eclipse" found at Tatting by the Bay.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Test Tatting My First Time

Robin at Tatting by the bay is letting me give a snowflake a  whirl she really didn't have too :) Muskaan is right, she is such a perfectionist I can't find any problems, she even picked one I liked, but I like them all so maybe that doesn't count :)

above is size 40 and I love it
I like the lighting with this and I was playing round with colors.

Different lighting and this thread is perfect in every way except it is very small.

 When finished, measured the size and realized this is size 100.  I am glad Robin mentions thread and gives you an idea of the finished size, this in her patterns, it is a brilliant  thing to mention
for so many reasons. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tatting Lace For A Little Princess

This birthday will be giving variety of hair bows to adorn her honey colored hair :) the pink flower ones are Margarets pattern and the bottom right is Teri Dusenbury her patterns are wonderful but written out long. I read it and then write the numbers in on the pictures.
there are two kinds of clips and some have fabric on them and others do not I sew then on both. some time a touch of glue and waxed paper between the clip to help hold it.

Below is my son and husband and little grand daughter, she lives near the Biltmore Estate, this is the closest to a castle the US will ever have :)  got season passes the have many activities  there blog link here.
on the back porch

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Strawasz and Flickkret

The Monster doily by Jan Stawasz in size 40 is not finished and the same goes for Ben Fikkert's "Corona".  I was supersized when I centered up the two doilies.  Interesting isn't it?  Corona is going to be bigger than imagined, and it is in size 80 thread.

I am making the motifs as I attach this round, for this part I do like the breaks of different things of colors and shapes to do.
One other pleasant surprise. is how light and airy this doily is.  It truly is like a spider's web :)
I love my little dog and can see evidences of her in my tatting on this close up.  At time I go over it with tweezers and get most of them out.
My Yellow is a variegated one so it goes from light to dark.