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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Practice Occhi with Buttons

Buying these tiny buttons that are 1 centimeter across. I have discovered that this is great practice for anyone that needs to work with  folding and attaching in tatting.  

This one started with size 20 thread, a simple ring of 3 picots separated by 3 double stitches  connect to button with middle picot and a chain of 12ds  picot and 12ds then repeat all way round, and tie to beginning finish ends.
To start the next row, fold way back one chain to attach the next row of rings and chains that will be the same stitch count. 
Unless you use a different size thread.  

The variegated thread is size 40 thread and to mach up with the size 20, I increased stitch count to 4ds on rings and 15ds on chain in between picot. 

After ring is made you can drop down the previous row's chain and start your chain. 

Then a little weaving can begin.
 ( you could do more if you used 4 shuttles and worked the two rows simultaneously but I did not do this).
This will attach under next chain, but when you attach the last picot ring, this loop will now be tucked under. like below.

After connecting the second ring push threads down to keep work under, finish ring and close and start next chain.

Go over  for next and under, repeat till all way round tie to beginning and finish ends. 

now I cut small strips 1 inch wide and 7 inches long  from jeans or any cotton fabric then a running stitch to gather into a circle then snip all way round a circle you have made and wash and dry iron and add your tatted button to make hair decoration. 

These little practice pieces are great with out fabric and can be attached to bobbin pins and placed in hair too.
This little tatting practice take a short amount of time and uses little bits or thread and you can add beads and shorten and lengthen chains and rings on your own.
Have a great time tatting.  


  1. Any ideas using buttons is always interesting to see, thank you for the clear instructions

  2. Lovely, nice idea. Thank you for the pic of you sewing ends.

  3. Sweet button flowers, thanks for showing us the process.

  4. Sono bellissimi...complimenti!!!
    Un abbraccio

  5. so cute !!! Must give them a try . Thanks for sharing the process :-)


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