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Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring Doily 2018, Round 10

Was able to go faster with this round, and I think if the rings are smaller I don't have to take the time the let the shuttle untwist before closing the ring and that is very time consuming.

I really wanted to use this color yellow, and once again had to figure out how to get the same size ring as my standard size for the doily which is 80
I stuck to 4 double stitches but when all was said and done I had to do what Jane Mactats did and add even more to the long connecting parts on my size 40 thread with 6 chain ds. when 4 or 5 should have worked. 

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tatting With Less Time, New Grandbaby

Starting late on Saturday, I needed to make a choice, which thread to use and I will be on next rounds going to a yellow then orange but like to throw in a variegated one, so I went with the Island breeze I think it has the yellow along with blue and grean. 

I also connected the clover and added a long picot. (hopefully it wont mess up the future) I also figured that I needed to make 5 repeats a day to have it done in time for the next week that starts on Thursday for me in US. the coloring little off I use not flash 

I also was working on this crown I found on Instagram  just for fun.  I purchased this at ETSY and it is called "King" the very top has a little tatted cross but I omitted this with adding a crystal and bead I ran out of time is only reason
the pattern is supposed to be in size 20 but you know me I used a light grey in 80
He is five days old today and weighing in at 8bls and six ounces. He is doing great and very cute and looks around at everyone, I think he recognizes our voices and also peaks to see who is holding him.  Mom is doing well she had been sick towards the end with sinuous problems.

Our prayers or for the loss and victims of the fire in Russia.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Tatting Lace for Breast Cancer Awareness

I really liked how this heart is made, and the overlapping part. I can see me making more to raise money for this cause. It was very hard to find.  This talented person donated pattern, a name I cannot read in my language.
 I took a picture of the pattern the numbers are here and with little study
you can figure it out.
In the US the month for this is in October.

I have this on a pdf but need some help placing on blog will try to add later tonight.
have fun  with tatting this week :)
The link to the PDF is below in Bernice's comments
She has the computer save to add this
Thanks You Tons

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ben Fikkert "Pinecones" Tips On Final Round

There are 35 flower like motifs that completely circle the final round.  Ben explains that you can go from one to another with two shuttles. This saves tons of time so you don't have to tie off every motif. (that is normally done with one shuttle)
But how? 

After making the first motif tie on the second shuttle and begin the split ring as normal.

Leaving a nice space between each ring and  using the shuttles attached to each thread from your split ring I make three rings down each side.  Remembering the side closest to the doily does get attached to a pre-marked picot on doily.
(I just cut off 5 motifs, for I attached them to wrong place when I began. )

Now it is kind of fun, to attach the center ring, to each space between the rings. Always remember to make the 2 double stiches then attach as you go then 2 more when done attaching the outer rings. 

Now the center ring is closed and I tie a knot before making the final split ring will be made to finish this motif. 
There are a lot of this style motifs in older patterns like this kind, and this method can apply to many of them. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week 
Lace making :)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tatting Lace Making

Well finished the little rings on my pine needles and Excited to show what I have started but will in next post :)
I have some great details that will post next one to show what I have learned with this.

Excited and started the next round in Renulek's doily and wonder, will fit  around my odd size 50, that I adjusted a bit.
I like to go a little further around to see.  But it is looking good so far, the new is a Lizbeth size 80.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Right Color Thread, Wrong Size

I did plan on this color, but forgot it was size 50 instead of 80. So I just did the pattern with one less double stich in the chain and one in the rings, between picots.
I actually did this in the light blue round, for the thread was a 100.  So I just added two double stitches in the chain part.
Will see what happens :)

Well it is a fact, (that I learned) that mignonette tatting is forgiving, cause this next round seems to be coming along just fine. I have on other patterns made the bare threads too long on the first pattern called "Daisy" and the next round just didn't messed up like you would think it would.
Really turns out just fine.
 This one I have no clue how long the bare thread was supposed to be  because I used a totally different size thread than given in directions.
Have a wonderful day !

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"Pinecones" Pattern by Ben Fikkert

This was may second attempt at the netting part or as I call it "Pine needles"
This first attempt and the edges curled up the single thread measurement has to get longer on the outer edge of the curves, this part was not really mentioned but figured this out after 4 out of 5 rounds :(

So carefully removed  this mistake and started again :)

This is pretty after pinning out and my bit of hairspray, that will be washed out when done.

Have a wonderful day, and tat away :)

Friday, March 2, 2018

Lace Happenings

Manage to finish all pinecones

And pin them out!

Next step is to figure out approximately how long is the plain thread for the mignonette tatting will be He said 12 units"
that is 12 double stitches in size 80 thread.  

I love this one shuttle tatting and can even jump up to next round with a split ring.  I know it is hard to believe but it is only 2 double stitches.

Then just couple days ago I got these practical invisible shuttles in the mail :)

But had already Wound my little nesting dolls with blue for row six 
have a great day :)