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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tatting Renulek Doily Update

It really is pretty, and this round was pleasant to make, has a good flow to it as you tat.
She surprised me I thought it was over :) 

So happy this is going to be more than a motif!
If you don't know here blog sight it click here

This beautiful hankie was sent by Tally tatty a while back, and I wanted to share the colors I decided to use (explain in later posts the meaning of the hankie).  This batch of  thread is nice and consistent (some have not been in the past) and long ago I wanted to order Lizbeth's Orange Crush and they were out, so had to wait and glad I did, it is beautiful and goes great with the Red burst and the hankie!

Monday, April 28, 2014

For the Ones Who Knot Lace, Like the Spider

Got up early impatiently waiting for next round 3 of Renulek's doily and it was here so here it is!
I wonder how long till  round 4?  look close I left out the long ends so hopefully I can tat backwards and split ring to next round!

thought of this poem and this part is sweet it say's by Abby
"A fine thread of silk made like a work of art
The wind blows the web away and the spider starts all over again"

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Frivolite, Tatted Spider!

Look what I found on my asparagus, eeeeek!

Well she is kinda cute! 
 Her web looks so familiar like tatting! Must be why they say, "we make spiders weds" :)
She was made with size 20 thread and I wont stop here,
will be making butterflies too!

This is a Dutch Iris another one of my favorite flowers, she is my first completed spider and I will be changing her legs around so they don't go every where,(like in this picture) by adding picots, I took a stitch that straightens the legs in the first 2 pictures! 

She is made by covering the ring first, and then mock ring around the head. If you don't have a head you can paint a wooden bead with a little face!

I started with first leg chain the connect and then second leg with knot and end. As you can see I made too many picots I was thinking of making them one leg at a time! found less tying off this way!

Friday, April 25, 2014

 Renulek's doily so far. And thank you all for information to find tatology if  you still can't find her she is here tat-ology!  

Sierra has learned to tat and she loves it and had caught on well.  I started with Diane's method of teaching chains first so you understand what to look for in the knot. 

My son's girlfriend likes to tat and is connecting rings too!
I know it is not Diane's size flock, but one at a time is all I can do :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jumping To Next Round

When starting Renulek's doily I thought I would show you how I jump to next ring with out cutting and starting over, I can work on two colors I if start with two, but I am only doing one color I think!

I begin like normal but I do make extra long ends
I tatted like normal all the way round the first round, and then with long ends I normally want to hide when starting,  I flip, then I finger tat to middle to meet up where next round will start.  I only made these paper ones as a visual. I should be able to move up 3 rounds or so.
And here is the jump, Hopefully this make sense. 

It is like a size 80 I think and is very nice to tat with never imperfect thread and tons of it too! I had fun with making new shuttles too!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Tatted Lace Mouse!

I made these adorable mice with a pattern from Wanda's Knotty Thoughts and the link is here! Thank you sooo much I really had fun!

 On some I removed the picot around the edge, just for fun.   After a making a couple, I changed a bit and started with the tail, so I can control the curl more

I am making a "quite book" for my toddler grandchild, they will go nicely with this nursery rhyme, hopefully you remember this one! 
there is a slit, and I will add a little flap with a button, for the child's motor skills and to keep the mice in the clock when book is closed.

                       This is where the mouse ended when done.     

                    Once again that was fun Wanda!

Beginning Bracelet

I love this and still wear it with causal clothes. my first one in tatting just chains

The latest fun around here in the U.S. is the bracelets made with small colorful rubber bands.

This one has a cute button an done on a loom!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tatting Shuttles To Go!

 Experiment with green size 40, and just going free style. I made this leaf shape and stuck a violet size 80 on it,

and at the same time sold a set of shuttles and now they can be shipped off to there new home!

Finished a pair of shuttles, instructions found here
Decorated a bag so they could go to there new home!
Wrapped and ready to ship off!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The little Mermaid

A favorite story of mine by author Hans Christian Anderson about eternal life! this will be part of a child's quite book.
She needs a head and arm, I cut out many to get to this point on the design :)
The beaded one I made from a fun children's craft book
called Klutz 

I am adding felt for strength and could not tat a face I was happy with :)

Now to add another layer to cover the stitching in the back!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Bonnet With Tatting

I tried to match the colors in the dress, then tat the flowers!
This flower starts with chain of 32 in green and then, ring 2 pearl bead, 2 close ring.  Then followed by 5 rings of 8 double stitches. 

wrap and tie to look like a flower save sting to sew on to hat.

This flower is made of 6 petals, each petal is made of 2 rings that are connected at the top, the each ring is 5 picot 5.
the finished flower is third picture down.

This flower has greenery, and the first ring is a mock ring, where I hide the ends and sniped them,  you can see the one on the left the larger thicker ring is hiding the threads. they are made with 5 and separated by 3 picots.

Each flower is made of five petals that are made of Josephine Knots of 14 half stitches.
Wrap and tie the cluster to look like flower. 

Added embellishments and tatted flowers are Sewn on, instead of glued so I could change it around.

Easter dress under hat

Placed in hair with hats pin, or you could glue hair clip on.
Our spring is here leaves on the trees now

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Suprise Delivery From Belgium

I have Tally Tatty to thank for all the items in this wonderful tube!
So I could keep this book in best condition, she also gave me the copy Diagrams that were inserted inside!
Looks like tatting diagrams are not as new as we thought, since this book dates back to  1979 in German language, WOW! 
This beautiful hand painted shuttle!
For my collection!

She even gave the link for these unique shuttles Here!

This totally gorgeous handkerchief :) That I am so going to to an edging for the keepsake book from burda!
Thank you sooooooooo much I am going to have fun, tally you are a peach! 
            With all this fun keep in mind Margaret who is having a prosedure done today from margaretsdesignercards take care and our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Artist Trading Cards, Birthday Club

This card will be for a woman who loves lobsters.
this is very small hoop, cards are 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches
misplace the metric ruler.

There is a small amount of tatting in the sea weed....
just had fun with random rings.

And in the tail size 20 and seaweed has 20 and 80

I liked working with the felt and the rings where just one shuttle tatting, he is a happy lobster!

Off they go to Canada this time!