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Monday, April 28, 2014

For the Ones Who Knot Lace, Like the Spider

Got up early impatiently waiting for next round 3 of Renulek's doily and it was here so here it is!
I wonder how long till  round 4?  look close I left out the long ends so hopefully I can tat backwards and split ring to next round!

thought of this poem and this part is sweet it say's by Abby
"A fine thread of silk made like a work of art
The wind blows the web away and the spider starts all over again"


  1. Lovely colour for the summer doily. I do like your cheerful spider!

  2. Thanks, I know it's over kill with spider but I can't help it :)

  3. Deine Spinne sieht lustig aus. Und Dein Sommerdeckchen gefällt mir jetzt schon, ich finde es hat die Farbe der Sonne und das passt ja gut.

    Lieben Gruß Cornelia

  4. Thank You, I think she is happy too!

  5. Your doily is beautiful already!! :)

  6. Boa noite minha amiga ,uma maravilhosa semana,bjs.

  7. What I like in your spider web, is the dark center and border, and the contarsting lightness in between. Well designed!

  8. Thank you, I like the mignonette tatting or the netting look, and do like it outlined lined I wonder what it would be like in white too, I may try that some time!

  9. The yellow one is wonderful !! I would like to be able to start this kind of art.
    Hughs from Italy

  10. Lovely colour for the new doily, I am going to try and start this week, perhaps in Sheffield.
    Love your spider that's the nearest I would get to a real one.

  11. Thank you, Margaret it is the tried and true ecru!


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