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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tatting With Anne Orr, "Baby Cap"

This row # 4,  it leaves a ruffle, I thought it would be less than this.

Now row #5 makes a bowl shape, and have rechecked instructions. 

I will continue on, it is very pretty to me.  I looked closely to the only one poor quality picture, and I can see where that one puckers too, and I am hoping it is intended to be this way. We will find out :)
I hope to be finished with this round before Renulek releases her next round tomorrow.

I found out about this from tat-ology, and got my own book made up!

I love the quality of this blog book  and very pleased with it!

The pictures of my blog came out so nice, I love it.

I will do this again here is the link  blog2print Thanks fox for the information!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beginning Tatted Lace Baby Bonnet by Anne Orr

I love bonnets, and understanding old patterns with out pictures is not easy
(Upper cap)

My large picots were not large enough, the rings would not lay side by side and I had to more to go, so I trashed this one and made larger picots

I left long ends so I could make false picot and start next round hiding thread in split ring and still not trimming the ends so I could move to second round.

There still a curve to to fit around a baby head but I ironed this for fun.

This is next round #3  the picture at top has round 4 started 
The very next round started on this endless doily :)

This is why once again no school no driving :)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

La Frivolite Bonnet Special Gift

This is the best way to display a tatted bonnet!
Just add a cute baby girl and your done!

This is a friends baby and they used this outfit for a very special family religious event, called a "sealing". 

To me the lightness of the cap lets them keep it on longer than other caps.
Bonnet is from Julia E. Sanders book 'Tatting Patterns"
One hundred year old pattern this year :)

I am not crazy about individual motifs but they are necessary at times, You may already know this tip but I make the 3 petals then add to doily tats quicker this way.
This went very fast and using a tiny close pin helps when tying final knot.
This is the follow along doily from Renulek Click on her name
for more information.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snowflake From the Movie "Frozen"

For my 2 year old granddaughter who loves the movie Frozen. Her favorite colors are pink and purple.

She pretends makes snowflakes.
this is Robin's Patterns from Tatting By the Bay
made with random shuttles all with Lizbeth colors from Handy Hands and the light pink was size 80 and the other colors are size 40, I added 6 half stitches for Josephine Knots
click on any colored words for more information.
now for some glue to stiffen the snowflake

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice storm Weather Calls For Tatting :)

Almost done, have 7 repeats for this round.

I know it is not that bad for you people that live in cold places, but around here we get sent home from school and work!

By morning we got little snow to top it off and so no school today, February 17 and  tomorrow.
We don't have very many road scrapers and Ice is sticking to roads.
I laid another doily on top called "Four Clover" by Blomqvist and Persson it is size size 40 thread also!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Round 4 Done, Past Pattern :)

Up early and finished this round with size 80 thread did not have to fill shuttles at all. 

I have started cleaning and found very old (at least 20  years) cross-stitch, I forget the name of book it was from but it was called "I Cry"
I was not the best with the stitching, many friends can stitch circles around me.
I did make many different ones from this book though.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Tatted Heart and Doilies Up Date

Decided to change my pattern around and use the idea from practice on Jane's scissors of the interlocking chains.  

I am Half way and this is very enjoyable, some reason it is more pleasant to tat than last round :)

without flash

with out flash

with flash more color mmmm.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tatting and Land of Laces Heart Challenge

I am really getting good at undoing rings :) this round is very enjoyable to do, it seems to complete the last round.  I also like that number change, it is very little and  I can remember, but at times do forget to connect this little ring.
Dropping the shuttle inside of ring before closing (like fox mentioned) seems to help with the undoing of a ring.
This round Renulek finished and ready for next.  The color is off shows more brown than grey.

Another Heart Pattern by me, but Inspired by a free pattern that I have misplaced at moment. 

I will try to place this on a PDF in a little while.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Heart Break tatting lace Fun!

I have always loved this little "heart's Desire" click for pattern by Susan K fuller this was found on Bella online.
I saw this color combination and really wanted to try it :)

I did finish that last round and started 8 it does look to be laying correctly and so I will try to make 3 repeats a day, so I can do other things.

 The pretty poppy shuttle Tally sent me,  I can't wait to give it a try, on the back it commemorates the WWII, Thank you so much I can't wait to try it.  For Tatty's blog is click Frivologic  
This is my progress with the lovely new  doily from Renulek the JS doily is size 40 and Renulek's is 80.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tatting Lace Heart Break

Ha ha, No cutting on Monster Doily, Just a break with little heart!

I bought this pattern last year from ETSY and now I can't find it to show link, it is called "Three Flower Heart"
by Petra Tornack-Simmermann It was fun and easy to tat.

Not Done with this round but closer!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tatted Lace Projects

Well I am over half way on this round, just been distracted.

I picked new thread for the starting  Renulek  latest doily tatting project (scroll down). Her doilies lay so nicely.

I like the "perfect Quilter" seems to change color often Diane sent me a sample of this thread and it is tiny but has a great slide and no imperfection so far.  So it seems so measure same size as the size 80 thread.