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Thursday, October 31, 2019

More Scottish Thistles with Tatted Lace

I got an idea while working on the last one and now I am trying to perfect the patterns.
A little plaid it just right!  

They are thistle tassels with Celtic thistle leaf
I think I hear bag pipes :)

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Tatting Lace "Legend of Sleepy Hollow"

With a suggestion from my oldest daughter I added a pumpkin head   
This worked of great with the skeleton. I found this free pumpkin pattern on you tube and later on Face Book from "Lecosedellaanto" I did change it a bit to fit the body and placing a face with beads.
Below, I still struggle with ribs and this seemed to work best with the 4 I have done so far.
below is the PDF I made.
for making the pumpkin head in size 40 to add to Martha's skeleton done in size 80(for bookmark cover)
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He is possible like this, if dipped in a white Elmer's school glue and small amount of water then blotted dry or Fray Check.

Inserting the skeleton works well, with a chop stick best or long tweezers, forgot to take the picture of the chop stick. 
Note for hips I found it easier to make the coccyx like directions but then I make an outer ring like onion ring then chain down the the top of the femur make the leg go back up and split ring to the coccyx then split ring to leg bones and back up to make a chain to top of coccyx cut and tie. this is way easier than making super large rings.  

I added the black card stock and used a white gel pen to sign and personalize your work!  

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Anatomy in Bookmarks with Tatted Lace

Well this is how it started with the "The Lovely Marthas" Tatted Skeleton (click to go to here free patterns)  I was making for my grandson for Halloween. 

 Tip: I like to (with delicate size 80 thread) pin and spray with hairspray as I go.

I thought I would like to add gold beads and Face Book friend Amritha P. mentioned using fluorescent beads, but don't have them on hand  but have seen them, but the second time around I decided to add one gold tooth.
Tip: the tooth helps keep right side wrong side
Tip: I hate split chains so I just added two tiny Picots and hide ends
Tip: the neck is where you add a long tail to do pearl tatting so this worked out well to do this for me :)

More friends reminded me that this makes a great gift for Medical Professionals.  Then, Diane whom we all follow too, well I bought the bookmarks long ago with her cool ideas...…. 
And this little guy fits in the plastic covers PERFECTLY (done in size 80)
I will also mention that Lisa Adams at Tatting Corner sells the book mark covers too!

The pelvis and coccyx are done with giant rings, which I felt was too hard to pull through and decided to... Tip: change to a chain and a make a mock ring out of it I do recommend trying the ring so you will be able to figure out where you start and stop. this makes less stress for me  :) 
By for now :)

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Scotish Thistle In Tatting Lace

I have been wanting to make a larger one than most patterns out there and so I am working on different patterns.
to Fray or not to Fray the thread?  
Using my strawberry pattern technique for the base worked.

Well I have plans and going to try to stitch it down but maybe I should have not frayed this thistle mmmm.!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Medimorphis with Ice Drop Patterns and Pine Needle Baskets

When I used Margaret's Ice drop pattern, I was placing face beads inside.... I got an idea.  It's not spring but this could be a late summer butterfly so far got to tat wings. 
Little longer and green and maybe a book worm!
My grandchildren collect pine needles and save them for me wanting me to make them a basket they get to pick the tatting thread and we start soaking the needles.

I have made beautiful tatting shuttles in the past using filigree findings purchase on line but this time the brass was way to thin to make an actual shuttle and works perfect for the bottom of a beautiful basket :)
I started may grandsons and he wanted blue on the bottom and green tatting thread.
they were out of school for a week and came to visit and we had a wonderful time Museums and Zoo and fun outside,  but didn't finish the baskets. 

Then everything changed and my granddaughter fell from a tree and it wasn't very big just landed wrong
it lacerated her Kidney and Spleen and broke her wrist she almost needed surgery and they were on standby.

Was a crazy unexpected time and several days in Hospital. 
She is home now and received her basket that I finally finished and put in the mail and  she loved it.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Endless Summer Heat With Tatting Lace

Making an edging for an envelope bag for my daughter was a nice change.
The Hardest part is sewing this down on slippery fabric. After a while I realized I should have tacked it down with large stitches.  

The thread was getting caught on all the beads on this late hot summer day.  My lawn has dried up but there is plenty of light to see the work.

My daughter choose the lovely pattern from this book and I do believe it is a top 5 of my tatting books.  If you don't have this one you need to get it. 

My husband loves making things (wooden shuttles) and working with wood, here he is finishing up a Beautiful kitchen knife for me. I am enjoying this very sharp utensil now!
Our weather has had no rain and 94 degrees F is very warm.  It finally ended and last three days it has cooled off a little bit and cool in the early mornings which is great and finally got some rain.
Hope your October has been good for you so far! 
 Remember to take care  be fair and take tatting everywhere :)😉