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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Endless Summer Heat With Tatting Lace

Making an edging for an envelope bag for my daughter was a nice change.
The Hardest part is sewing this down on slippery fabric. After a while I realized I should have tacked it down with large stitches.  

The thread was getting caught on all the beads on this late hot summer day.  My lawn has dried up but there is plenty of light to see the work.

My daughter choose the lovely pattern from this book and I do believe it is a top 5 of my tatting books.  If you don't have this one you need to get it. 

My husband loves making things (wooden shuttles) and working with wood, here he is finishing up a Beautiful kitchen knife for me. I am enjoying this very sharp utensil now!
Our weather has had no rain and 94 degrees F is very warm.  It finally ended and last three days it has cooled off a little bit and cool in the early mornings which is great and finally got some rain.
Hope your October has been good for you so far! 
 Remember to take care  be fair and take tatting everywhere :)😉


  1. Beautiful wide edging, perfect for the task. Yes, it often feels as though the sewing takes as long as the tatting!

  2. Beautiful edging! I also love that book. We haven't been quite as warm as you, and we've had plenty of rain. I am enjoying the cooler evenings, and I'm quite thankful for air conditioning in the day time!

    1. Thanks, I know what you mean, I for first time have felt a cool morning

  3. Beautiful lace 💙 I use a hoop when sewing down lace.

  4. Yes, but the beads and tatting are so thick would make fabric slide out of hoop

  5. Carollyn if you want rain stop sending over the pond, we are drowning in it, if you want some I can easily send you rain by the bucket full. its another wet weekend here, flooded roads and dark days and most of the time blowing a gale, its a wet wet wet autumn here in the UK

    Beautiful lace edging, I agree I love that book too.
    Nice to see your hubby working, can you show us a picture of the knife when hes finished it

  6. Gorgeous edging! I've added that book to my never-ending wish list now. I think some people use terry cloth toweling layered over the work when using a hoop, when there's beads and thick stitches involved. Or on scroll frames. It allows the hoop to hold and keeps the beads and stitches from being crushed in hoop or scroll bars. Sometimes there's no substitute for good old hand basting. It seems like when I just use pins on the fiddly bits, it would have been faster and less stressful to baste the item in the first place.


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