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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Medimorphis with Ice Drop Patterns and Pine Needle Baskets

When I used Margaret's Ice drop pattern, I was placing face beads inside.... I got an idea.  It's not spring but this could be a late summer butterfly so far got to tat wings. 
Little longer and green and maybe a book worm!
My grandchildren collect pine needles and save them for me wanting me to make them a basket they get to pick the tatting thread and we start soaking the needles.

I have made beautiful tatting shuttles in the past using filigree findings purchase on line but this time the brass was way to thin to make an actual shuttle and works perfect for the bottom of a beautiful basket :)
I started may grandsons and he wanted blue on the bottom and green tatting thread.
they were out of school for a week and came to visit and we had a wonderful time Museums and Zoo and fun outside,  but didn't finish the baskets. 

Then everything changed and my granddaughter fell from a tree and it wasn't very big just landed wrong
it lacerated her Kidney and Spleen and broke her wrist she almost needed surgery and they were on standby.

Was a crazy unexpected time and several days in Hospital. 
She is home now and received her basket that I finally finished and put in the mail and  she loved it.


  1. Sounds like a serious fall, nevertheless! Good thing she has her customised basket to bring cheer 🌹🌹🌹
    Looking forward to the metamorphosis

  2. Oh my goodness, glad she’s ok, what a fright she gave you.

  3. Interesting start to your butterfly!!
    Great baskets!! :)
    Praying for full and quick healing for your granddaughter!!

  4. How frightening! I hope your granddaughter heals quickly.

    I love seeing your tatting and your little baskets. I love your little baskets!

  5. Thanks I have made a couple more but need to work on them I feel I forgot how :)

  6. Oh mercy! I'm so grateful that all is well with your granddaughter.

    Love the pine needle baskets...

    1. Yes she is back to school will have check up of insides this week

  7. Best Grandma Ever! The pine needle baskets look so wonderful. I'm sorry your granddaughter took a fall. My grand niece is just out of a cast for a broken wrist. She seems no worse for the wear, but, I don't know how the monkey bars are. I hope she heals marvelously!

    1. Thank you my son broke his wrist on monkey bars too, I guess we got to be careful monkeying around🐵

  8. Das ist so zaubrrhaft und filigran. Ich hätte nicht die Geduld für so feine Sachen. Du bist eine Künstlerin. Grüsse Marlies

  9. She just looks so happy. Love to see that..!

  10. Unglaublich schön liebe Caroline so zauberhaft . Wie stärkst du diese kleinen sachen eigentlich . Grüsse Marlies


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