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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Tatting Lace and History Fair in Knoxville Tennessee

This was fun but after the first few rows I had to change the pattern.

I tried this from my new book but found making rings and split rings were easier than the method she explained for I feel when she wrote this book she didn't do split rings, this pattern was all chains.

This bowl was made at a wonderful little history fair it was a Raku Ceramic Booth pictured below
the cups or bowls were made and we painted the glaze and they fired them while you walk around and see the other booths pictured below
Part of a little parade :)

This man demonstrated making tin cup and sold some too.

These women dressed the part of women's suffrage movement another big part of American History. 

Civil War

Old World War II jeep

This time I did not do a tatting demonstration. I  helped work this booth where we had computers set up and helped people log onto and look at there family history and genealogy for free. We have places set op all over the world to let people log on and find there family for free.
I made this poster :) 

Well we did have fun with the solar eclipse, and this is what my cell phone took, but it is not how it really looked with the glasses, the sliver of moon is what was in front of the sun at this time,but the camera did not record it correctly. At my house we got the total eclipse and the most interesting thing besides the darkness, was the crickets and night bugs started to make nose like at night.  

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"Love in the Mist" Doily by Carollyn Brown

Finally finished :)

Outlining the with the thread.

Started a bonsai with a seedling this spring.
the little humming birds love to sit on the plants in front of the house.

Well my extra time this summer has mostly been dedicated to mowing the lawn, and we have had just the right amount of rain to do this once a week.  Have to put off tatting.
hope you all have a wonderful week.