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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas tree In Schiffchenarbeit

All beads except top one were strung on the chain shuttle, the top one was done with mock ring from Marilee's directions.

There are mistakes don't look too closely, Size 80 Lizbeth #676 fishing line to hang on hook is tied at top. Directions for tree at end of post

This is a small portion of a big box of mixed up beads.  Reminds me of old times, glue on pine cones and rolling them in beads and sparkles for ornaments,  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas time :) 

I pulled beads down from chain slightly(while making knots) so they have wiggle room on the tree and separated the beads with picots. 3 to 4 beads per chain. 

After searching for Christmas trees I found this tree with improved directions, from one of our dear departed tatter and thought I could share this sight with any one who missed it, she explains more

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Spoon Collection In Tatted Lace

I found a spoon by Rodger aka Freedman and from this point my mind raced with tons of ideas, and made many of my own designs.
My favorite is the pink one so far.
This took one try and only two hours to make and then I shaped it on a real baby spoon to dry.
The blue one, I want to use on a corsage for a baby shower, or on a gift.  Very easy to make no split rings or tricky stuff.
Made up the tiny flower, and slept on how to attach it to the gold one, still less than 2 hours.

Did the purple one with a Celtic look, from the leaf pattern a couple of posts ago. Shuttle was a gift from another blogger friend Chantel I love lily of the valley too, thanks again :) 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Covering tatting shuttles

I was encouraged to cover shuttles with another Carolyn, at her blog here at shopping my stash and we were experimenting with different papers this is fancy cup cake paper!

She also suggested to not paint them first, and that was fun if you look closely the shuttle color shows though a bit but I don't mind with this color design.

I used to cut paper to fit the shuttle, before and she suggested to wait and file off paper later. I forgot to add that the tops were sanded to ruff up to adhere better!

side view, continue with good coat on top and edges after filing off paper

Can't wait to make the others !

Monday, December 8, 2014

Revised Antique Snowflake Pattern

Another favorite that I  make at least one every year :)   

Below is my YouTube video to my larger fluffy Josephine knots , basically it is making them very loose.


Friday, December 5, 2014

More Talented Lace-maker's Snowflakes

Above is another sight for elegant snowflakes from Renulek this snowflake is November 4th 2014

This beauty is the 21st day of December from the book "24 snowflakes"

And finally from the book "Elegant Tatting Gems" the upper right called "yakut".
This trio along with my favorite perfumes, make things look festive, and helps add to stash for teachers gifts.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Frivolite Snowflakes, and Strawberry Bag

This is a size 80 thread and basicly same flake as last post just changed the tops :)
I couldn't wait to start Robin's snow flake found Here she made another perfect snowflake!
This is my strawberry bag (the only pattern I sell for 4$)  made in all white with silver beads and this is another one of robins beautiful snowflakes found above picture.

Here are the two together!