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Friday, September 21, 2018

Ice Drops Again and Again Oh No

Well I started another cat button and realized that there is no yellow tassel that matches so I've got to make one.

In the mean time I have received my bottle caps ;)  and these ones came with self adhesive domes to put inside the caps.
so with my Walgreen's app I printed out wallet sized pictures so I could get faces inside the domes,

 and started to prepare my bottle caps.

Well my granddaughter, with help from her mom dressed up as the queen of hearts for school party for Valentines Day.
So you can only guess what I am going to try with this little picture. 

It is my second attempt I realized the one they had could not be adjusted for the bottle cap size so I had to make one up.
Its really not quite perfect and will go on to try a different one.   But I plan on putting this in a fabric lace journal. 
that my friend at crafty-cats-corner makes

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sandpaper Kisses with Tatting, Occhi, Frywolitkowe, etc.

Sandpaper kisses a cuddle a purr. I have an alarm clock that's covered in fur.
I have added an extra 7p to outer edge by mistake to Diane's pattern 

This is what I found in the middle of the night (needed something for center) when I didn't have bottle cap order come in from Amazon yet!

They are buttons that are plastic.

Buttons can be found at Walmart and craft stores.  Keep in mind the second set of buttons was found in the Scrapbooking and sewing sections of the stores!

I happened to find some tassels that matched the thread color. This is lacelovinlibrarian

Have a wonderful day and week tatting
P.S. I joined, "Ice Drop Addicts" under husbands account for now.
see you there :)  

Thursday, September 13, 2018

On the Edge with Buttons and Occhi and rooting Pepermint!

Well, I made another bookmark from Robin's bookmarks collection.

 I decided to make an edging only altering one of the pattern slightly.
I have made the edging with a size 20 thread and I am almost half way around.

Wanting to accommodate the baby buttons that matched with the color and the hankie that Margaret sent to me as a gift a while back! 

So It's been less than a week, by placing mint in a vase with plan water we can already see the roots appear.  When I get a good amount of roots I will transfer them outside we normally have a mild fall so hopefully everything will work out
stay tuned.  Hugs from Carollyn.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Leaves With Frivolite, Occhi, and Tatting

Ta Da! I finished and mail this off to my son, that is volunteering for our church in Russia.
The hardest part was finding out how to write in cursive in Russian. 

This is his favorite Hymn.  The words translate to "Closer to Thee"

The glycerin and 2 parts water soaked for a week. This made all the leaves flexible.
(Even to this day three or so weeks later.)

I have learned from this that it needs some kind of backing and use this glue ( a flexible fabric glue) to back the leaf with felt.

I actually tatted on the leaf before I added the felt later, the tatting did tear though on two spots.
I will make more for my daughters family she would like to use them with names at places settings, for Thanks Giving Holiday we celebrate in the United States.
I am going to try paper to the backs before tatting and stitching next time.

Here is the hymn in Russian.
I went to "Farmers Market" in Knoxville Tennessee and bought these tiny egg plants along with heirloom tomatoes and a yellow zucchini.  I have never seen such tiny egg plants and enjoyed frying them up for supper.
these little eggs plants have several different names as follows
Rosa Bianca
lavender Variegated
Now that you have had your veggies have a great day :)


Sunday, September 2, 2018

Delicate Handmade Lace Book Mark

Another pretty one of  Robin's at Tatting By the Bay!

I love how this came out and was not hard to do tatting wise, I did enjoy tatting following a small maze, was fun.

I did do size 80 so this is for a small book, or children's bible.

Leaf update!
The leaves were soaked for a week and taken out, dried for a week
it is rather fascinating because they are still very pliable.
Not brittle. this is were I wish you could feel them.
Small color change but, they did not turn brown yet.  
Here is the line up left to right!  Size 20, then 80 and then 40 I love them all once again great instructions
love them all! 
Have a fun Project filled days ahead!