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Friday, September 7, 2018

Leaves With Frivolite, Occhi, and Tatting

Ta Da! I finished and mail this off to my son, that is volunteering for our church in Russia.
The hardest part was finding out how to write in cursive in Russian. 

This is his favorite Hymn.  The words translate to "Closer to Thee"

The glycerin and 2 parts water soaked for a week. This made all the leaves flexible.
(Even to this day three or so weeks later.)

I have learned from this that it needs some kind of backing and use this glue ( a flexible fabric glue) to back the leaf with felt.

I actually tatted on the leaf before I added the felt later, the tatting did tear though on two spots.
I will make more for my daughters family she would like to use them with names at places settings, for Thanks Giving Holiday we celebrate in the United States.
I am going to try paper to the backs before tatting and stitching next time.

Here is the hymn in Russian.
I went to "Farmers Market" in Knoxville Tennessee and bought these tiny egg plants along with heirloom tomatoes and a yellow zucchini.  I have never seen such tiny egg plants and enjoyed frying them up for supper.
these little eggs plants have several different names as follows
Rosa Bianca
lavender Variegated
Now that you have had your veggies have a great day :)



  1. This is a wonderful idea. I must see if we have that flexible glue over here I'm sure I could use that often.
    So pretty.

  2. Yes, it is popular this lady in the US used to do a craft show on television and she put her name to many types of glue her name is Aleene's

  3. Wow Carollyn, tatting around a leaf is really amazing. I’m glad your experiment turned out so well, good for you.

  4. Thanks I will work on more of them and hopefully improve it!

  5. Very, very beautiful tatting on that leaf!!! :)

  6. Wow Carollyn I could not work out how you were going use tatting on the leaves.
    They look fantastic and how you did the words,
    Love the veg not seen anything like them .... enjoy

    1. Oh the stitching is called a back stitch and I poked the needle up from the back and yes I was careful cause I always stab wrong place, like normal so there is tiny holes in there. But smaller than rest of the needle cause I didn't want to go to far. The leaf being flexible helps.
      The vegetable were a first for me too except the heirloom tomato.

  7. Thanks I an having fun with it.🦋

  8. Ah, a migratory leaf with lacy wings!! What an artist you are - actually embroidering on the leaf as well.
    We get those egg plants (brinjal or 'baingan') here, along with another small variety which are round (which is what I buy). Then there are the extra large ones meant for a yummy dish - baingan ka bharta - roasted whole & minced; then cooked again with tomatoes, onions, etc.

    1. Until I found these, we only have the large dark purple ones. 🍆 as seen in the emoji lol. You are lucky we cut in large slices bake and cover with spaghetti sauce and the top with parmesan it's called "eggplant parmesan"😃

  9. Great leaf and lovely tatting, what a great idea. I have never seen those eggplants only gigantic ones.

  10. Olá amiga!
    Que trabalhinho interessante, na folha.
    Ficou maravilhosooooooo!
    Quanto ao vegetal, aqui no Brasil, e conhecido por berinjelas.
    beijos fique com Deus.

    1. Wow this is fascinating to me, we only have large deep purple ones🍆

  11. What an amazing work! Congratulations :)

  12. It's really original this work Carollyn, I think your son are much happy to have it! That eggplants are very nice.
    have a good day