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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A Little Tatting and lots of Beading :)

Ready for Spring

This is my second attempt at the running bunny.

This was the first, I may make a third not sure like all of one :)

Many bloggers have done this one, but this was my first one.
I did add Marilee Rockley's add a bead instructions, and maybe a larger bead might have been better!
pattern below.

Got direction on Instagram she hand drew out instructions.

This method is also mentioned in the French tatting book that was more difficult to understand.

She added a paper clip here , which I did, then took it off after going half way round and replacing the pin to the bead thread and original beginning place. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Beaded Bird, and Tatted Lace Tatted Pattern

More beads on this  blue bird,

And an antique button too!

Yes we had a flake of snow today, so have one I made behind the bird, it still is 3 inches like the last one, but got to sew on the felt backing this time :)
here is the back side :)
thinking of starting an  ETSY shop, with random items like this bird :)

This is a motif by someone I met on Instagram :) it is called "Flower" direction are below, she did a great job of writing it out! This is a screen shot.
I enjoyed tatting this, Hope your week is a great one!         

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Little Spring Lace Tatting Motifs

These are all from Japanese tatting books

Unfortunately you have to guess what size picot gauges to use ecru size 80 

I like the colors but felt needed blocking with pins to smooth the outer chains.
Can't wait for spring to visit and stay :)
have great day!