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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Spring Rain with Tatted Lace

Some how I had to work in My Peony that bloomed in all the rain

I do love this book and thought I would start another doily some time and the ecru is size 80 or 100 and the purple is size forty. 

I am thinking is I should make several of different colors or keep all the motifs the same.  This is why I started the Dandelion doily because I am unsure of the colors to use on this one. 
With the spring time my Daughter came to visit an and headed up a crew of  hard workers and they mulched my garden.  Thank you! Connie and Bryan and Belinda :)
They saved my asparagus too, that is now taller than me, It is the one By the gnome :)

Monday, April 24, 2017

how to block tatting

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Frywolitkowe, Occhi or Tatting, Tip for Netting Length

This doily is called Dandelion

I also love the square shape she formed in the middle of the doily
(New Poppy Painted Shuttles from St.Peters burg Russia)

This is my method of measuring long lengths of thread that are not picots and used for netting look.
A washable marker a ruler or a gauge. 

Makes a perfect place to start your rings this is size 40 thread.

My grandchildren love these seed pods called helicopters and to throw them it's that time of year for them to fall off the trees!
If you are interested in buying her pattern her blog is listed in picture and she is on Instagram too.

I love it and it it so delicate and lovely and good thread makes difference in tatting, all cotton  mercerized 6 corded silky tying and untying using mostly lizbeth threads

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tatted Lace Ice Drop New Adaptation!

Yes, there is another item to place in Diane's little Ice Drop pattern, with size 20 thread  fits perfectly around!

 It's a fantastic find.  The pearls are 1.5 mm, and I plan to place them in hair bands and accessories even pendents. 

Make sure that the picots are small so the pearl fit snug, can secure to band with needle and thread through hole.  Purchased  at a garage sell and had a request to put them in a hair band months and months ago,with out tatting.  

I thought you may like to see a close up of my rosemary blossoms, they amazingly delicate and tiny flowers that came this spring. 

This is a second beaded bunny that I was planning on showing for Easter but got a bit busy hope you all had a wonderful time with family :)

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Happy International Tatting Day!

Have a wonderful day tatting or week :)

For got to post last round that I finished :)