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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Dragonfly In Art Nouveau,( Free Pattern) With Cluny Tatting

Well here it is, just pressed, haven't put any stiffener in it which I like to for book marks.
Using Lizbeth colors size 40
Sea Island Citrus and Yellow Lt.
Two shuttles

To begin with.
Remember after knotting the two colors together, unwind the dragonfly color a little less than a meter, and wrap it on the variegated color shuttle.  This way you can make the split rings of the dragon fly body in same color.  At the top of head retie the thread next to last split ring and start your chain. This pattern is continuous,
Only using dragonfly color on the fly itself and the clovers at the bottom of the bookmark.
I have done many variations of this fly this one is with different size threads and outer designs.

I tried incorporating this motif long ago, and have many mistakes I was in such a hurry I am a little embarrassed to show it, but give you an Idea of  doily use.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lace Dragonfly's Motifs, With a Little Art Nouveau style

A year or two ago I wanted to make dragonfly's and mix it up with cluny wings. The pictures were taken at the time to show off some shuttles my husband made for me too.
I never could decide which pattern I liked the best of the dragonflies.
(Walnut Fish)

So I could write out a pattern.
(Woolly mammoth bone)

I enjoyed making the different colors too! This one I sent to a friend (tally) and she said the motif was very Art Nouveau , I agree and have owned a book on this, but never put it together.  Thanks Tally!
Same bone here just darker color, and different shape.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thread Size Difference With Strawberries

This is DMC 5 with a bee! One thing I like that you cannot see, is the weight of the bag is heavy.
this large shuttle held the skein of thread and enough beads to make one strawberry,
I followed the directions found on a blog on how to add a hook,unfortunately I can not find the blog. 
The purple was size 5 lizbeth, and the red next to that is the size five DMC in the skein below.
the two smaller bags were lizbeth size 20.  I thought I would not ever use the beautiful russian shuttles because of there large size, but they now will hold this larger thread and make the larger bags.

This is enough to make one strawberry with one extra row because the larger gold beads shortened the rings.
I do only have sold one pattern and it is the strawberry bag at my email address which is... tennbrown then the at sign and 

This is the final round on the doily, and I removed 4 flowers that were in the wrong color, I am thinking of adding a chain of black to encircle it all when done, it slow going but not forgotten.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tatting Lace With Lizbeth Size 3 Strawberry

I love this color, from Handy Hands, Lizbeth size 3, This strawberry is so big, Husband said it looks like an eggplant :)
I have to admit I couldn't resist trying this after all the creativeness West Pine Creations have been putting into these strawberries! 

I wanted to call it "Royal Purple Berry" the thread color is actually Lizbeth's "Elderberry Jam"
more on the shuttles I use for this size thread on the next post it is a new and old surprise :)

Some of the berries with bees, as you figured out from the last post I collect bees!

I have made other things from large tatting thread and it hurt my hands normally, but the rings were small and the thread was smooth it went well and my hands don't hurt.

I use you my regular size strawberries now a days to put my(click on purple word for information) "fitbit" in to motivate me.

I really became fascinated with this adorable motif from Ninetta's blog "ninettacaruso.blogspot"
this is morphing from a square into a collar from her aunt.  Made with numbers of 3 double stitches, check out what happens next on her blog she has great instructions too! Thank you Ninetta!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Frivolite Collar is Finnished

The collar was applied to the dress!
I love it 

The added glass pearl added a nice weight :)

I did try this on other dresses.

Pressed out here the size 20 is a nice weight for a collar I think.
This pattern is given on Renulek's blog, I added the pearls on the last row dividing them into her stitch count
pearl change diagram on my previous blog.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Renulek's Collar With Pearls

Making another collar, Renluk's collar sounded like a good risk to take, since I love her patterns and talent, Thank you Renulek!   I was really wanting to add pearls to the end of any collar, so even though I had to put off making the collar, It worked to my advantage to have waited.  
I love this and found a dress that works with the length I made can't wait to post it!

Look what I found on my asparagus this wonderful Sunday
a Lacewing bug