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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Pinterest Challenge, A Powder Puff!

                             For when the humidity is too much, think Powder Puff  :)
Yes another idea or as we say " PinChers"  from us  "Pin Chicks"
And yes, I had to use tatting again :)

This tatting pattern starts with this shape above, this is from  another Asian tatting book called "Tatted Lace," I even made  myself a Picot gauge.

The diagram even shows how many beads to add too.                              
                                     There are two more layers shown added below.

I had fun with this, even making the puff handle!

I can buy a pack of wooden spoons for one dollar.  I painted the spoon white.  

I stitched the feathers that were sewn to a ribbon before purchase.   After cutting circular shapes and stitching one side with the tatting and the other the feathers in spiral shape.

 A very soft puff appears!

  You can't get more frilly than this, ha ha ha :)

As You Know Suzanne's the Starter of this Pinterest challenge and can join by clicking on her name.
There are others and we can peek in on them, to see what they have done by clicking on there names here
Margaret and Muskaan

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Heart Lace Pattern to Chat About!

I just added beads to this free pattern by LaRae MMikulecky found Here

I can see this in different colors and beads too!

This one was done with Omega 50
measures  7 by 7 cm,  or 3 inches by 3"

Monday, January 25, 2016

Jan Stawasz Monster Doily, Accomplished! Hooray:)

A year and a month to make! 

Two mistakes that were repaired last night

The skipped picot was repaired with smaller thread slightly darker color.

Oh yea this blunder too, excuse the dog hair :)

This was cut and rings were undone to give me thread to work with! did this so many times I made a movie about it!

Tatting over thread makes a thicker chain, not bad repair!

this was size 40 thread lizbeth # 698 from Handy Hands
measures in at 26 and 1/2 inches or 67.31cm
Had many distractions along the way, that helped, and started and completed Ben Fikkert's "Corona" I enjoyed this more because of color change and separate motifs helped broke tasks up and way less chains, this is even size 80 and dark pink is 100, had is been a 40 size thread it would be same size, probably!

It's a great day:)

Friday, January 22, 2016

Occhi Weihnachtsengel

This is a beautiful creation, I should have started in larger thread because it was my first one from the pattern.
Made by the lovely and talented ( click on her name or blog) Cornelia Pfeiffer at her blog "connys-handarbeiten"
and scroll down to see her design (In October) she can email you a pattern it you like :)
I made longer picots and cut and fluffed them.
Sorry I forgot to Post it Cony!

Wow I can see the end coming around I have 2 little mistakes that should not be long to correct will show you later :) 

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Work of the little Boat

No, that is not one of those envied shuttles, it is a brooch that looks like one :)
I think that is as close as I will get to owning one.
This square is 2 inches or 5.5 cm.

Well there is more done on this last round got 4 out of 10 done.
Running out of ways to display doily :)
Well another day completed Day 4 Of, "Tat It And See"
Where tatting is a guessing game by Jane

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Force Awakens, Yes I Saw it and Loved Tatted it?

Well this is from the very fist movie, (princess Leia) but just was in that tatting mood she is unfinished so far have plenty of tweaking to do.

Why do I not see mistakes earlier, why do I have to keep going and going?

Well here it is corrected and final row stared again almost 2 half rounds out of 10  

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Next to Last Jan Stawasz Monster

This round is timed at a total of 21 hours, plus an hour of mistakes, the long drive  really helped I folded it and rolled it and stuffed in bag.

The fuzzy blanket helps hold it flat for pictures.
Below are more pics wanted to share.

Below are story telling Hopi with little children all round
how traditions were passed down

Smile !

Monday, January 4, 2016

More with J.S. doily and Navajo Weaving!

I got a tad more done by Christmas day, we threw it on super frozen snow in Grand Canyon. 

Museum picture of  Navajo Woman weaving.

An actual old loom with work still on it, in a gift shop in Grand Canyon.

 Below are the local plants, and the colors that each plant makes to dye the wool for the blankets.
 Below are dolls sold a the gift shop of a traditional Navajo woman.

They make and sell these miniature looms with a tiny blanket so cute I think of all my blogger that weave and dye yarn :)
Below snow clouds moving in.
As we were leaving on Christmas Day the snow clouds started moving in
(My Youngest son and I)

 Was fun to see on Christmas Day too.