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Friday, July 29, 2016

Pine Needle Basket from a Pinchicks

6 years old is my first memory of my Great Aunt Eva and her Pine Needle Baskets.  Many years the baskets were displayed and used at home. 
My first attempts weaving Pine Needle Basket.
It's a coil method.

We moved many times when I was a child, the last I saw her basket was 1982.  My mom was proud of Aunt Eva's baskets and she said to me I wish I paid more attention, "All I know is that you have to use the really long pine needles".
The tree on center right gave her needles for this.
6 or more inches needs be.  Many times I came across these special pines and the needles broke in my hand and I wondered how she made these, until I found a basket on Pinterest and visiting the sight I found instructions.

After cleaning needles in hot soapy water, then rinse them and keep a small amount in  plastic with a wet paper towel.
If using clean dried needles, soak for 10 mins. this makes needles pliable.

A small tapestry needle, and a size 20 tatting thread for this first mini basket. One natural bundle of three needles is all it took the water makes the needles bendable and you start with encapsulating the ends like in tatting.
I used (shiny) raffia for next and split the raffia into smaller thread for these mini baskets.  

I am working on patterns and stitching here.
I did change and use a curved needle to go inwards here 

Finding a tiny branch for this ones handle was fun :)

adding more pine needles is done easier than you think. Just tuck in next bundle of needles when you start to work to the end of the last. 
like other basket weaving you have to keep needles moist when making the basket,

This is dedicated to Great Aunt Eva, angels knows, one day I might make one like hers, Love from Carollyn!

Look in on our other Pinchicks Pick of the month not sure they have posted yet and if you care to join us contact Suzanne :)

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