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Thursday, June 30, 2016

I'm a "Yankee Doodle Dandy" Lace, Occhi, Frivolite, and Sukkulapitsi

The biggest celebration of the summer is the "4th Of July" :)
This Pinchicks Post may seem the same as last month but I so enjoyed making these little brooches it's fun for me :) 

Betsy Ross 
Is the woman that made the five pointed star on our flag.
When the country was forming they were going to place a 6 pointed star on the flag because the five pointed star was too hard to make.
She got out her scissors and showed them how to make the perfect 5 pointed star :)
Below is the picture of the free page to print off from Pinterest
picture of Betsy Ross

After gluing down glass dome with a clear decoupage glue or clear glue that works on glass after dry.
Use a thicker glue to glue to felt. 

Here is the Pinterest link for placing beads around a dome Directions for placing beads around dome click here!

then make rings and chain with beads till you encircle cameo!

I attached with beads to felt.

Loved so much, I am making another one :)

You can burn the ends of ribbon if non-cotton or silk.

Looks good with even more tatting, huh?
If you like Cameos  and beads,  My Pinterest beading page is click here!

Happy Birthday America!

Have a wonderful week!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Doilies Update

  I have this one on "back burner" as they say.

The rings are 7 picots with 2 double stitches in between and ( all connecting picots are at the 4th one)
So you start by making a ring and connect to middle top picot of last round and close ring then make chain of 4 picots
separated by 6 double stitches, then  start a ring and connect to first picot of chain, finish close ring. chain 6 This completes the sequence and you start at beginning go all way round.

I have a great surprise in store for next round, but it's in my mind, will have to see if it works out :) 

     Below is the famous spring doily that is all Renulek's design . 
Loved making this round and it is a pretty look too
Now on to the next round.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Another Occhi Bead Technique Invention For Rings

I was so excited and wanted to add beads to this bird, I think I invented a new technique. 
Wanting to tat Jane's Peacock found  here click on  Jane Eborall's Tatted Animals Page  it was so small and cute, and really wanted to add a bead to center, for the eye in the feather!
 Instructions as follows, find your center picot  (I added extra picot to pattern for center one) or double stitch, and with bead on crochet hook add a bead to the chain shuttle thread that you normally leave,
 while making the ring, and pull out enough thread to make loop large enough to pass shuttle through
continue on with ring and close and tighten up the chain thread :) 
By the way this is Marilee's thread color parakeet size 40 click here to go to her blog and then her Etsy shop.

 I rushed making the pattern and changing it messed it up a bit.  But I love it and sewed it down to felt added a little bit of embroidery.

                                      "Nessesity is the mother of invention" they say.   

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Comparing Renulek's Lace Doilies?

Well I wondered, how far will we go???  Comparing this to last year maybe there is an end in sight :)

Or will she make this one gigantic?

All in all, this round was fun, cause we got to skip a rings, so it went fast :)

Ahhh lace-making is fun have great day!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Coaster or Floor Mat?

This is one coasters from a new pattern set by Robin Perfetti at "Tatting by the Bay" ,Coming soon to an Etsy near you :)

This test pattern went perfectly with the new wicker furniture in doll house, someone said I need to tat a doily for the table and this is very possible sense the area rug is size 20 thread :) and curtains too :)

The Rapunzel Cake was so tall, she had to stand on counter to blow out candles, my daughter use PVC pipe in the lower part of cake covering this with fondant stones.
She is so cute we still have time to build that tower to lock her into ha ha ha :)

Those earrings  

I ordered the gold hooks and got the tatting attached in time to give them to her. she loves them and how light they are too!

How your summer is being good to you :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Round We Go With Renulek's Spring Doily

Finally finished round  11 before she post her next one :)
Renulek's Spring Doily Click Here

My prediction for this next round, we will be skipping the flowery ring.

Below is a tip for how to get the rings right
you can skip if you know :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Test Tatting Lace Coaster of Robin Perfetti

Stayed up little late, having fun with Robin Perfetti's Test pattern

tried to take a picture of hiding threads in a ring. but at this point the top thread really goes to the back of index finger of left hand. in lower right hand corner are the ends which are wrapped to the ring with the shuttle that is unused.

Now after making the 4 double stitches needed,  I with cut the two ends off  nice and close, and connect to other flower petal. This cleans up the mess.

 At this point her pattern lays perfectly I think with Robin proof reading is all she might need but so far I see no problems and love her diagrams :) The rose in the garden completes all the blooming flowers in the yard for now maybe one more to go a late summer one :)
Have a fun week, I gots much tatting to do :)

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Request With a Drawing for Tatted Lace (Frivolite)

Side note, more blooming Snowball plants, 
"Mom I would like some earrings tatted in grey and this size", words from daughter drawing on left is hers.
Granddaughter age 4 (just turned) took pen and redrew moms.
 Whatever pattern I wanted to make inside is fine
I make a face "oh that's all :)"
three mistakes and only captured two here last mistake on floor some where.
Back to plants "Asparagus" 

Snowballs two different colors in one bush ? mmm

I know Robbin at Tatting by the Bay uses a cool computer program in her life above call "tutorials" at top of her home page  I need a personal class from her and desire to stop and learn it too.
So for now this worked out and daughter is okay with it.

And came pretty close to the sketch too!

My black eyed Susan's have bloomed too!

The one snowball is pink and other above is purple 

And just how I got this earring flat as pancake???

Below is a you tube video with details of how to use sizing for flakes or projects.
 have a wonderful week 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tatted Lace, Renulek's Round 10 Complete

Had to take a picture of the flowers too!

A little tip from me, is to straighten out the rings with a tiny tug firmly holding top and bottom of rings, and in a previous round 8 the ruffling was so bad that I wet and pinned it.

Round ten I ironed the tiny bit of ruffling, so I ironed this last round, but she said if you have ruffing problems, that round 11 will make all your worries go away :)

In case you didn't know click on  This Renulek's spring doily 2016 to see round 11,
Have fun tatting, and don't forget to take breaks outside (hoping you have wonderful weather like I do :)