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Friday, October 31, 2014

My Friends Tatting Berry's

This Strawberry is made from a friend that is now addicted her name is Jacee, I am so glad you sent picture, I could not turn the picture, but don't have too, to see how super cute it is :) she is fast to! She plans more in the future!
This is from my other new friend that needle tats  you have seen her other berries on this blog too and  she is having a ball changing colors and size threads too!
I sell the pattern contact me at tennbrown@

Monday, October 27, 2014

Love Anchors, Snowflake, African doily details FYI

I am calling it a snowflake, and it was easy to do, believe it or not :) (6 sides for a real snowflake) and I really enjoyed the last round it was fun to do. 
This also has enough thread that is is able to stand on it's own

This is by the very talented Teri Ducenbury  free pattern. I omitted the center ring I didn't want to place it in.
It is called Floral Fantasy Motif.

Below is a darling anchor, by another talent, found here frivolenka blog spot I fell in love with it, an eye balled this little charm, I am sure she will get around to the pattern for this little anchor since I am sure I didn't do it exactly right :)

I found this picture and for a few of those rings to keep them from getting twisted up I stuck them to a coiless pin to keep order! 

Also I chose to place my Celtic weaving part on this way I liked the color look

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tatting Time of The Year!

My doily update, on the one I just eyeballed is fun, but if any one has the name or where it can be found or purchased let me know? I will be making a snowflake from this center I really like it!

 Jon's book " Elegant Gems"  and tatted this one but made some changes and did split rings and did not chain behind the flower at top.  This snowflake I felt was little tricky if you ask me, even with out the changes, but very fun! 

Received a bag of apples and look what my son did from some you tube video. Dipping fruit that yellows in orange juice or lemon juice prevents yellowing! (this was made with one apple)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tatting for Christmas

My husband calls my strawberry a "Snow-berry"

The snowflake is a free pattern from Tatting By The Bay  Robin has designed some very beautiful items! she sells some too :)
My good friend  Pamela from my home state of Florida she is a needle tatter, on her own, she has transformed my pattern from shuttle to needle Wow!

Nice job huh, this is the only pattern I sell  if interested and you can contact me at tennbrown  then put the "at" sign then "dot com".   It is 4$.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Cameo With Occhi / Frivolite / Tatting

West Pine Creations gave me courage and some directions (in books she sells) then I took it a little further. 

This was challenging for me, the shell was curvy and cut at angles.  I found this on eBay here

So I did what I call "freestyle tatting" where I just make it up and hope I add lots of picots.

I made a padding for the back and sewed together and felt with stuffing inside, I used the brown to change the pink in the shell to match the lizbeth brown size 80 thread I am using.

I finished the back and will be adding more tatting for the necklace part.  I will be ordering larger thread to attach to this smaller to handle the weight.