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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tatting for Christmas

My husband calls my strawberry a "Snow-berry"

The snowflake is a free pattern from Tatting By The Bay  Robin has designed some very beautiful items! she sells some too :)
My good friend  Pamela from my home state of Florida she is a needle tatter, on her own, she has transformed my pattern from shuttle to needle Wow!

Nice job huh, this is the only pattern I sell  if interested and you can contact me at tennbrown  then put the "at" sign then "dot com".   It is 4$.


  1. Piękna jest ta biała truskawka. Uwielbiam śnieżynki, a ta jest cudna.

  2. Love your snowberry, Mad! So glad I can see and comment on your blog again, now that I have a new ISP.

  3. Love your snowberry, and yes the snowflake is gorgeous, I would love a copy of your pattern, will be in touch

  4. Love the virgin berry. Great for a wedding.

  5. Oh I didn't think of that, that is a good idea!

  6. Your strawberry bag is so cute! Beautiful in both the red with "seeds" and the white.

    1. Thanks Marilee some one sent me a picture of a real white strawberry with red seeds, they called a pine berry must be some genetic thing huh.

  7. That is another cute name I like it!

  8. I like how you've plumped up the Josephine rings in the snowflake. I think I saw a video or something on your blog showing how to do that. The strawberries are really nice. Eventually, I will have to learn how to use beads. There's so many tatting techniques that I haven't had the time to learn yet.

  9. I like making the extras but the simple rings and chains make the most beautiful things I will show some of those too shortly!

  10. Carollyn,
    I tried sending you an email to get the tatted pendant bag but it would not accept your email addy.

  11. Oh Let me post it again and then I'll remove it it is


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