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Friday, April 12, 2013

Well I finally finished writing out instructions for my Strawberry Pouch and want to sell instructions for $4.00  I can down load to a PDF file or mail them to you. There are so many uses for these small pouches and here are some to name a few: Tooth fairy holder (fits under pillow) and can be put onto a necklace.  A friend of mine from Belgium is going to put it on her Chatelaine she is making. She will put her rings in it. That's so going to be my next project.
This one above is very light pink and made to look faded Victorian I tied a bee bead to it.
This one is made with beautiful gold beads for a royal look.  The camera flash kinda lightened the beads and you could see coin underneath strawberry and made it look not as good as in person.
They are fun to make and doesn't take very long because bag is so small. I included tips and pictures and a diagram I drew out. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

I started my blog a couple years ago and even though I love to tat I am pretty clueless on the computers and blogging.  I started to set up a page and decorated the edges. was upset that the pictures I took were not clear and gave up.  Not realizing that, Today I wanted to start a new blog and found the old one was never taken out of cyber space. So here I am again hoping I can post pictures and information on the tatting lace and what I have learned.

So to start I enjoy messing around with colors with threads and shapes and not following a particular pattern.  I saw a flower shape and wanted to spiral it out to form a doily as follows.