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Friday, August 31, 2018

Victorian? Tatted Lace Bookmarks

I just can't stop they are fun to make!

I did make a mistake and was running out of the variegated thread so ended sooner and turned the corner wrong
but thought of a quick save.
I do love split ring tail :) 

Now to test the bookmark out.

Looks like they both work
You will find me making more, and the patterns for 14 different kinds coming soon to Robins workshop on Etsy

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Book Mark and Leaves

I had fun with Robins beautiful pattern ,I was little nervous to keep up with her flawless tatting and patterns :)
Thank You Robin!

After a week of soaking and holding the leaves under the glycerin water with this pretty shell
the water solution turned greener.

I took them out to dry the little round one is nice but to thin to work with (it was a weed) and so is the one on the far right with one point
the two large ones are "Dog Wood" tree and the tear was in that one to start with.
"Maple" is the three others and ones, "Ornamental Olive" leaf, is the long narrow one.

The Camera picked up the shine little more, but this process made the leaves pliable to work with and that is what I wanted.
Almost forgot the book mark is made with size 40 thread I did a 
little sample of size 20 next to it.
Have a fun week ya all!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Test Tatting Lace

Tatting this summer has been very slow for tatting and me, and then Robin from Tatting by the Bay let me test a pattern I feel honored.
It was slow going with color changes 3 times,and forgot how to do Catherine Wheel.
After a trip to You tube where Marilee Rockley does a great job, it all comes back.

A fun bracelet that was on Facebook sent to me by Michelle (thank You very fun) and the designer's name escapes me right now, but had fun making tiny tassels with a bead and bit a glue.  

Then another experiment of soaking leaves for a week has started so I can see if I can tat around them
The mixture consists of one part Glycerin and 2 parts water 
so this should be interesting
Have a Great Sunday
from down south :)

Friday, August 17, 2018

If One Can't, Toucan

Back in " tatting Corner's Tat Days" We received a request for a very unusual shuttle.
Yes the toucan!

You see this was a romantic request from an older lady who's husband passed away and years ago had given her a card with these birds on it and he explained "If one can't toucan"
so I just had to make this shuttle and starting 
on the second.
Hope your summer has been a good one!