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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Holly Hobby Tatting and Sewing kit!

A Pinterest challenge that Suzanne started, and Margaret encouraged because the rules are very easy.  I made a "Holly Hobbie" tatting  and sewing case! I wanted to apply tatting and needed little break.

She is not finished but here is a peak, I will make a PFD of felt cut outs if anyone is interested.

With tidbits of tatting  (hearts are great for scissors) and the needle case tatting is from a trial of one of Wanda's beautiful edgings called Emma in white. 
Under her head.... 

hides the thimble will place snap here on tab later. 

This simple tiny edging is A Josephine knot of 8 half stitches and followed by a chain of 3 double stitches picot  and 3 double stitches no flipping. can use two colors and if when pulling the JS closed, you stretch out the thread, continue with the chain and it somehow fixes itself like magic :)
I am adding this to her hat and bottom of skirt too! 
 Also for fun and adult coloring, I found this web-sight for free picture click on " Holly Hobby color page"
Have a wonderful sunday 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Japanese Tatting With 3 Shuttles

"The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito"
 I had fun with this, and great practice with 3 shuttles. Beautiful patterns love them!
I had no trouble after studying the diagram and written directions, they were not overly detailed,not bad for 2003 book.

Wish the length was given for the bare threads and thread sizes she used. I might be fun to place beads in the bear threads areas, and would also make threads same size too! 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Tatted Artisty of Teiko Fujito, (Pansies)

 A bright idea, I thought I would add beads but think I over did it !

I even counted out beads and used 2 different sizes but feel it was too much :( 

Then I realized that the light purple was an 80, when the other was 40 size thread ooops.

This does need pinning out but kind of like the natural look and wanting to move on to the next pattern too.

Here with a black background. I might stick to just her patterns and not get any bright ideas.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Victorian Tatting

This is how I began, tatting row 10.

On the left is the shuttle I purchased on E-bay, and the right, I made a while ago with soldering not that fun. 
While on my E-bay purchasing spree, I bought this brooch that seems to match this Victorian theme and flowers in her hair.  A watercolor made about 12 years ago.  It took this long to find something to go with it  ha ha :

I made this with random tatting, no rhyme or reason, found that it help make this shirt modest for me.
 To see it, check out the side bar of this blog under the butterfly.
One more great way to use tatting.
 Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito

So far I love this book :) with many patterns I want to try.

This is motif 31

I had size 80 thread, disregard the tiny the hair, ooops!

Jumping up to next round with split ring

This picture should be above the last, it is size 80 thread needs crochet hooks sometimes.

All the patterns are diagrammed in this book has been translated.  In this motif the numbers are easy to remember and could easily be a, "take it with you pattern"!

Picture gives idea of size.  I do wish she mentioned picot sizes, but this book has lots of clear pictures.

My progress on Jan Stawasz.  Hope you all have a great week !

Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Visit With Tatting

 Can you find the tatting among the River Cane?
In Cherokee North Carolina.
Playing by the river, making cane fishing poles for play. and and searching for "skipping stones" you know the important things in life :)

Cute wagon wheel chair in Cherokee North Carolina

Daughter calming grandson outside restaurant.  In the background is a peak at the "kudzu" that covers the southern United States brought over from Asia many years ago, in background

I visited one of my Daughters house, and realized I made a tatted bread cover a few years ago, but she found a different use.
I was trying to practice this two different sized picots that are often showed in Jan Stawasz tatting, and using made up simple edging and directly attaching to some muslin cloth, size 8 ecru thread 
Daughter calming grandson outside restaurant, and a peak a the south's Kudzu that covers the southern United States brought over from Asia many years ago, in background
I had to show this beautiful dress made by a woman in the Philippines names Rainy she made this for me little over 50 years ago, this last week end it was worn again by a 3rd generation.

Two of my grandchildren.  On Sunday :) 

Love this book, tatted many items this time tried Tatted, wheel 24 from page 49 all it said was make 24 long picots and even though I rarely use picot gauges I did, I guessed, and lost, they were too long :(

Leaving a cup like shape that just needed a "wonder what to do", moment.

Maybe this?

Along the small river that we visited in Cherokee, North Carolina USA  grows River Cane. which looks a lot like Bamboo :)
Yes my daughter and another grand son.

My husband  shows how tall this cane is.
Have a great week and remember to take breaks of recreation for your recreation of the soul.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Row 9 and Pretty Shuttles Bought on Line :)

It is growing!

This plate above is the same plastic plate used below 

taken months ago before my break.

I have moved from smaller shuttles to larger ones bought on line from E-bay.  I can put plenty of thread on these they are well made( no unwinding from weight of thread), they are a bit large but less rewinding. It is good to work my hands to different size shuttles but I don't mind, thread is size 40.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fixing And Moving On

I got towards the beginning of the mistake .....

This did get tricky.  The clover repeat above (round 8) was untied to use the thread to tie in and finish off. this was done first. The rings by the pink shuttle were cut about 2 rings out to where I could undo the rings for extra thread to tie on shuttles to be on round 9 

So now I began mostly where I left off on round 9 it was pressed here with an iron but ...

I felt the center needed I little pining with water before I go any further. I just wanted this done so it will relax before I go on it will not be this tight when pins are remove. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

"Somebody Hit The Rewind Button Please"

Breathe....  Okay mistakes are made and now I got to fix it.
Yes while putting this doily off, I watched Diane cut away and then checked mine, the two upper safety pins mark the skipped mistakes.

there were 3 skipped places, but watching Jane's blog I got an idea to just cut the bad part out and ....

tat and attach  the upper part as I go so now I need to "saddle up" some more shuttles :)

 while procrastinating and thinking of new way to stop ball from flopping around, I found a creamer at a "garage sale" 

After filling one shuttle on the spout.   I realized that it the thread ball would fit in here too :) I had to slid a separate thread to fish the ball thread through and this worked with a puff of air, pushing the thread to belly of the creamer!
This gives that royal feel when winding a shuttle, I recommend highly :)

Here is another wonderful way to wind shuttles with out the runaway ball!

My son made this and it works!  I recommend this way when you are in a hurry and ball changes out quickly too :)