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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Holly Hobby Tatting and Sewing kit!

A Pinterest challenge that Suzanne started, and Margaret encouraged because the rules are very easy.  I made a "Holly Hobbie" tatting  and sewing case! I wanted to apply tatting and needed little break.

She is not finished but here is a peak, I will make a PFD of felt cut outs if anyone is interested.

With tidbits of tatting  (hearts are great for scissors) and the needle case tatting is from a trial of one of Wanda's beautiful edgings called Emma in white. 
Under her head.... 

hides the thimble will place snap here on tab later. 

This simple tiny edging is A Josephine knot of 8 half stitches and followed by a chain of 3 double stitches picot  and 3 double stitches no flipping. can use two colors and if when pulling the JS closed, you stretch out the thread, continue with the chain and it somehow fixes itself like magic :)
I am adding this to her hat and bottom of skirt too! 
 Also for fun and adult coloring, I found this web-sight for free picture click on " Holly Hobby color page"
Have a wonderful sunday 


  1. That's very sweet. And useful too.

  2. That is so lovely! I use to have a pink holly hobby poster in my bedroom growing up.

  3. I absolutely love this Carollyn, what a gorgeous little keepsake. I didn't know the thimble was hidden away, that's adorable. I would love one of these. thank you for joining us in our pinterest challenge this month, its a pleasure to have you onboard.
    hugs Suzanne xx

    1. Thanks Suzanne having fun with this easy challenge :)

  4. What an adorable idea , doll & execution ! And functional, too :-)
    I didn't know this had a name - I have some beautiful greeting cards with her ....

    The pinterest challenge was really tempting, but I had/still have too much to dip into another project/commitment. But I have it in mind for next year ( I hope they continue ) :-)

    1. Thanks you you are sweet, I know you have lots of work cut out for you. and we need your tips! I see that her popularity seemed to make it across oceans!

  5. Very nice project Carolyn, I like the brown tatting.
    have a nice day

  6. Lovely item and so great to have everything packed away and the thimble would never have thought of that,
    Thanks for joining us on this challenge, can't wait to see what you do next month.


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